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  • A trail of footsteps through the southern lands of the Indian sub-continent has led you here, to a confluence of traditions that make up a cuisine that is as much the product of the nomads that nurtured it, as it is the influences that they picked up along the way. Now - presented to you with creative flair and the benefit of modern techniques - be prepared to continue on a tantalising journey that honours our nomadic ancestors yet forges a new path forward.

  • Modernity and tradition go hand-in-hand at Nadodi. Our artisanal creations make creative use of exclusively sourced ingredients and speciality farmed produce to earn a place at our table, and on your plate. We harness completely contemporary techniques and retrofit an age old traditional recipe with modernity. This can result in surprising discoveries and an absolutely fresh perspective on familiar cuisine tropes that must be experienced and savoured to be believed.

  • From Tamil Nadu to Kerala and crossing the then-usable land bridge into Sri Lanka, the food of the nomad peoples have sustained them and nurtured their tribes throughout the ages. Ingredients were more found than sourced and the practicality of ‘making do’ over-rode any thoughts of grandeur of an actual cuisine in their quest for survival.

  • Three regions, similar cuisine - yet unique. We at Nadodi, honour and respect the journeys of those that have come before. We are heralding a renaissance of thought - going back to the basics on which the nomadic tribes subsisted on - and rethinking the preparation and core presentation of these self-same ingredients to please the savvy and well-informed audience expectations of today.


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