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Ishigaki Steak | Lunch Set Menu


本商品為 1 人份套餐,可自選牛排熟度、油花量,餐點內容如下:
・石垣牛牛排 160 g

About Merchant

  • Introduction:

  • A well known yakiniku restaurant in Okinawa, all of its meat comes from their own farm, the ultimate farm to table experience!

  • Quality Ingredients:

  • Pork: Delivered straight from Ishigaki Yuimaru farm, the agu porks from the farm are low in cholesterol and high in collagen, very popular among female customers!

  • Ishigaki beef: Beef from Yuimaru farm was once presented as the course menu in the 2000 Okinawa Summit Meeting, the best beef that Okinawa has to offer!

  • Tourist Attraction:

  • 4 chain stores in Okinawa.




Okinawa, Nakagami District, ChatanKitamae 1-11-10

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Map Code : 33 466 309*44 3 minutes walk from Kitamae 1chome Bus Stop.

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The Fine Print

  • 入餐廳請脫鞋。
  • 本店設有免費停車場,您可以加以利用。
  • 確認預訂後請準時抵達店家。
  • 如有行程延誤,或有任何問題需要提前告知、詢問店家,請於 app 畫面右下角會員頁面》常見問題》其他-聯繫客服,洽詢 FunNow 客服,將有專人為您服務。


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