Steak Yakiniku Kinjo Honten

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Okinawa, Nakagami District, ChatanKitamae 1-11-10

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  • Introduction:

  • A well known yakiniku restaurant in Okinawa, all of its meat comes from their own farm, the ultimate farm to table experience!

  • Quality Ingredients:

  • Pork: Delivered straight from Ishigaki Yuimaru farm, the agu porks from the farm are low in cholesterol and high in collagen, very popular among female customers!

  • Ishigaki beef: Beef from Yuimaru farm was once presented as the course menu in the 2000 Okinawa Summit Meeting, the best beef that Okinawa has to offer!

  • Tourist Attraction:

  • 4 chain stores in Okinawa.


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