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本商品為「香蕉船+Bandwagon+水上摩托車+充氣船+自選項目」水上體驗。3 歲至 74 歲健康的民眾皆可參加。時間約為 90 分鐘,一天共有 6 段時間可以體驗,您可依個人喜好選擇時段預約。關於體驗詳情如下:

-集合場所:新原海底觀光中心(地址:沖縄縣南城市字新原1338-1;Mapcode:232 469 473*03)
-集合時間:請於行程開始的前 10 分集合。

-其他水上活動 1 項( 請於現場選擇 )

-停車費 JPY 500
-淋浴間、更衣室使用費 JPY 300

-泳衣( 泳衣請事先穿在裡面 )

※註:Bandwagon 是一種全新型態的水上活動,可讓遊客互動的創意座位安排,讓人自由選擇想要的坐姿以及位置。您可以坐著、跪著或是站著,可以一前一後排列坐好,或是背對背也可以。

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沖縄といえばマリンスポーツ🏝 こちらのSword Fish ではバナナボートや

シュノーケル 沢山のメニューがありすぎて迷いました😍







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About Merchant

  • Sword Fish is a dive shop located in Cape Maeda of Onna village in the middle of Okinawa island. They have a variety of programs, including diving trip in Blue Cave, the mysterious place under the sea in Okinawa, or diving in the sea of Onna village, canoeing on the sea, doing sea water sports, etc. You can choose whatever you want. This shop is well-equipped. There’re coin lockers for you to leave your stuff. After the dive, you can use shower rooms, hair dryers, and female makeup rooms to clean up and dress up. Besides, you can come over with you children, because there’s Sword Fish childcare center, which not only makes your babies happy, but also parents can enjoy comfortably your adult time. Would you like to take a look at the mysterious and quiet view in the ocean? Hurry up to sign up for Sword Fish program and experience the beautiful sea in Okinawa!


Mibaru1338-1, Okinawa, Nanjo

Public Transportation

Map Code:232 469 473*00 15 minutes by car from the Sefa-utaki.

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  • 60 歲以上的參加者須持有醫院的診斷證明書。70 歲以上的年長者無法參加本活動,敬請見諒。
  • 孕婦及當日飲酒者皆無法參加此行程。
  • 當日參加者請穿著不怕被淋濕的衣服。
  • 依據活動方案會有不同的集合地點,敬請注意。
  • 依據當日天氣及海面風浪的狀況,有可能變更地點或是中止活動,敬請見諒。
  • 活動前一天請不要飲酒。
  • 本店附有淋浴間及更衣室,敬請安心。
  • 本店不提供接送服務,請參加者自行前往集合地點。
  • 貴重物品請放置在本店的置物櫃中,請勿攜帶參與行程。


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy