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Okinawa, NanjoMibaru1338-1

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  • Sword Fish is a dive shop located in Cape Maeda of Onna village in the middle of Okinawa island. They have a variety of programs, including diving trip in Blue Cave, the mysterious place under the sea in Okinawa, or diving in the sea of Onna village, canoeing on the sea, doing sea water sports, etc. You can choose whatever you want. This shop is well-equipped. There’re coin lockers for you to leave your stuff. After the dive, you can use shower rooms, hair dryers, and female makeup rooms to clean up and dress up. Besides, you can come over with you children, because there’s Sword Fish childcare center, which not only makes your babies happy, but also parents can enjoy comfortably your adult time. Would you like to take a look at the mysterious and quiet view in the ocean? Hurry up to sign up for Sword Fish program and experience the beautiful sea in Okinawa!


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