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Knife Massage Spa


・Inclusive of: Knife Massage SPA.
・ Knife Massage SPA uses a special steel knife to gently massage on the body, relying on the static electricity and magnetic field of the blade to stimulate the activation of cells in the body, promote relaxation of the body, and soothe pain.

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Knife Massage SPA

From TWD 1200

About Merchant

  • 品牌介紹:「瀞,無垢薉也」。「瀞」代表清除、淨化、潔白、明淨、寧靜、無餘、純粹,「瀞」已是現代的生活美學。

  • 推薦體驗:主打隕石冥想瑜珈,還給身心靈一個最純淨的狀態。


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