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What's FunNow?

How to use?

FunNow is an instant booking platform that provides high-quality entertainment information, instant availability, prices, real reviews, and more. Book with FunNow and you'll never line up again.

Do I need to contact the merchant again?

Order is instantly sent to the merchant upon successful booking on FunNow. You don't have to call the merchant again.

Payment Method

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Visa debit card as well as Apple Pay, Andriod Pay, and Line Pay.

What should I do after I paid?

Upon successful booking, you will receive a 6-digit redeem code. Show it to the merchant at your booking time. For voucher purchases, you can download it within 24 hours inside the app. Transaction history can be found in the Bookings section.

Why did my transaction fail?

Transaction fails for several reasons. Kindly check if correct details are typed. Valid date is in the format of mm/yy. We also suggest you to try an alternative card. If the payment fails again, please contact your credit card company.

Is it safe to use my credit card in FunNow?

FunNow Payment Security complies with PCI DSS, a set of specifications adopted by major technology companies. Regardless of payment methods, all consumer card information are recorded in third-party financial institutions. Throughout the transaction, your card number will be protected and FunNow will not have access your card number. * PCI DSS is jointly launched by five international card issuers and is currently the world's most stringent and highest-level security certification standard for financial institutions.

How can I delete the credit card record?

Steps: iOS: Member -> Credit Card Information -> Swipe left to remove Android: Member -> Credit Card Information -> Long press the card to remove

What is CVV/CVC?

CVV is an anti-fraud security feature to verify that you are in possession of your credit card. For Visa/Mastercard, the three-digit CVV number is printed on the signature panel on the back of the card immediately after the card's account number.


Where can I find the orders?

All orders can be found in the 'bookings' section. If you are certain of a particular booking, but cannot locate it in the app, please check whether you have turned off order history in the member section.

How can I delete the order history?

To clear your history: member -> order history -> [off]

Can I be late?

FunNow is an instant booking service. Once the booking is successful, the merchant reserves the seats for you. As the services sold by FunNow are provided immediately by the service provider and is guaranteed. In case you cannot arrive on time, please contact FunNow Customer Service to see if avoid loss. If you cannot honor your reservation and no cancellation was made ahead, the restaurant reserves the right to serve you.

Booking Time and Refund

I want to modify my booking time.

If you wish to modify your booking time, you must do so 30 minutes ahead. Contact FunNow's Line@: FunNow customer service for help. We will try do our best to communicate and arrange on your behalf! You may modify your booking only once, under the merchant's permission. Special conditions may apply certain services.

How to cancel the order?

Cancellation Policy: If cancellation is made within 10 minutes of your transaction time, a 100% refund will be credited. Fun coins and promo code will also be automatically returned. (Exceptions may apply. Please refer to the Product Description) Choose Booking→ Click the order you want to cancel→Click Cancel orders If cancellation is made after 10 minutes while 30 minutes before your booking time, a 30% cancellation fee will be charged by the merchant. The remaining 70% will be credited. Fun coins will be automatically returned. Promo code won’t be returned. Cancellation and refunds are only allowed 30 minutes prior to the scheduled booking time. No amendment, cancellation, or refunds are allowed within 30 minutes of booking time. Cancellation policy may vary among products, such as tickets, events and holiday specials, etc. Please refer to Product Descriptions. If the merchant fails to provide service under any circumstances, please contact Customer Service immediately. Please do not cancel the booking. While most refunds process within 5-14 business days, depending on your financial institution, please contact your bank directly to inquire about the status of the refund.

How to confirm the refund is completed?

After cancellation, a notification will be sent to feeds -> inbox

What happened to the Fun Coins balance in a refund case?

Your Fun Coins will be refunded as well.

Special cases for full refund

Other special cases that qualified for a full refund: 1) If the merchant fails to provide service within 15 minutes of your booking and you would like to make a cancellation. 2) If the service provided is inconsistent with product details and you have refused the service. 3) In cases of naturals disaster (e.g. earthquakes, typhoons, wars) or Outbound Travel Alert issued by government after the time of booking . Special conditions may apply certain services.


What will show up in the credit card statement?

Consumer privacy is guaranteed. Purchases will be billed to 曙客股份有限公司/FunNow and will not display the details of the merchandise nor the contents of the booking.

I want a receipt.

FunNow supports environmental protection and no paper receipt is issued. Instead, e-mails electronic documents will be sent to you to show the proof of purchase.

Your FunNow Experience

What if I got a bad experience?

Ouch! We are so sorry that you did not have a good experience. We place customer experience as top priority, and will strive to ensure that you have a really good experience using FunNow. Please let us know ・Facebook Fan Page: FunNow - My City Fun App ・Line@ customer service account: @funnow ・E-mail: cs@myfunnow.com, we will respond as soon as we can and do our utmost best to make you happy again.

What if I got an excellent experience?

If you like FunNow, give us 5 stars on the App Store or Google Play, or leave a message in the fan group. We also encourage you share FunNow with good friends and enjoy high-quality entertainment together!

Fun Coins

What happened to the Fun Coins balance in a refund case?

Your Fun Coins will be refunded as well.

Fun Coins

About Fun Dollars Fun Coins expires in 90 days. An extension of 90 days comes with any purchases. Fun Coins are applicable for bookings over NT$100/ HKD 25/ JPY 400/MYR 12.5. The highest applicable amount is 100 Fun Coins in a booking. You must agree to the Terms of Use of Fun Dollars. We are not liable or obligated of any wrongful acts, selling fun coins to a third party, or engage in other profit-making businesses. We reserve the right to terminate all services provided to you. If losses are incurred on your behalf, we will not rule out the possibility of instituting a prosecution.

Fun Coins Exchange Rate

Fun Coins exchange rate: 100 fun dollars = TWD 100 100 fun dollars = HKD 25 100 fun dollars = JPY 400 100 fun dollars = MYR 12.5

How to earn Fun Coins?

We regularly hold events through FunNow Facebook page and mobile push notifications in order to provide users with access to earn Fun Dollars. Also, you can invite your friends to FunNow. Input your invite code, and the both of you can get 100 Fun Coins after the invitee's first transaction. (In order to receive Fun Coins, your friends need to complete phone verification.)

What is the rules of Promo Code?

Promo codes must be applied before making a payment. Only one promo is allowed per booking. Promo code won't be returned if cancellation is made by you. You must agree to the Terms of Use of promo codes. We are not liable or obligated of any wrongful acts, selling promo codes to a third party, or engage in other profit-making businesses. We reserve the right to terminate all services provided to you. If losses are incurred on your behalf, we will not rule out the possibility of instituting a prosecution. For discrepancies among languages, the Chinese version will prevail.

Platinum Member

What is Platinum Member Loyalty Program?

This is a loyalty program to encourage users to frequent FunNow. Open APP, click Menu, click member and you can check your Membership status.

How to apply?

Starting April 2018, obtaining 10,000 points automatically upgrades you to a Platinum Member next month. 10,000 will be automatically deducted on 1st of every month. If you have fewer than 10,000 points, these points stay in your account to be recalculated the next month.

How to earn the points?

Logging in daily gets you 100 points. Please update your device to the latest version of iOS. Each friend invitation gets you 500 points. (In order to receive points, your friends need to register using Facebook.)

What's the privileges?

3% Fun Dollars rebate after comment. NT$500/ HKD 125/ JPY 2000/MYR 62.5. F&B promo on the month of your birthday. A 50% off airport transfer promo. For more please visit https://event.funnow.tw/funwards


Other Questions?

Other questions: FunNow offers live Line@ representative from 10:00 to 23:00. ・Facebook Fan Page: FunNow - My City Fun App ・Line@ customer service account: @funnow ・E-mail: cs@myfunnow.com