Sin Kee HK Restaurant @ Jalan Raja Chulan

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Kuala Lumpur. Sin Kee HK, Lot G01, G02, Ground Floor, Wisma New Asia, Jalan Raja Chulan 50200 Kuala Lumpur

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  • Situated in Raja Chulan, our restaurant is a celebration of the ancient art of hotpot, where every meal is an unforgettable journey of taste and togetherness.

  • At Sin Kee HK Restaurant, we envision a world where the simple joy of sharing a meal becomes a memorable celebration. Our mission is to ignite the flavors of Chinese Hotpot and create an atmosphere that fosters warmth, laughter, and shared moments.

  • We offer a variety of broths, meats, seafood, vegetables, and dipping sauces. Choose your ingredients and immerse them in the bubbling cauldron of deliciousness right at your table.

  • Our signature is the signature fish maw & chicken soup, Each spoonful of our Fish Maw and Chicken Soup offers a harmonious blend of textures and tastes, where the tender chicken harmonizes with the ethereal silkiness of the fish maw. The meticulously prepared broth is a testament to culinary mastery, achieving a delicate balance that both soothes and invigorates the palate.

  • We source the freshest and finest ingredients to ensure your hotpot experience is nothing short of exceptional. From succulent meats to crisp vegetables, our offerings are a testament to quality.

  • Hotpot dining is a communal experience. Gather around the steaming pot, cook your ingredients to perfection, and enjoy the shared adventure with your family and friends.

  • We invite you to embark on a hotpot journey with us at Sin Kee HK Restaurant. Whether you're a hotpot enthusiast or new to this culinary adventure, our restaurant promises a memorable and delectable experience that celebrates the warmth of shared meals.

  • At Sin Kee HK Restaurant, we don't just serve hotpot; we serve the flames of flavor, tradition, and togetherness in every pot.


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