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  • 手打日本蕎麥麵 壽二庵
手打日本蕎麥麵 壽二庵
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About Merchant
  • About the Restaurant:

  • “Jyunian Handmade Soba Noodles” is the authentic handmade soba noodles restaurant. If you lack appetite due to the hot weather, you have to try a bowl of cold soba noodles! When the temp is low, you can enjoy a bowl of hot soba noodles with sake, to warm up your body. Because all noodles are hand-made, if you would like to witness the process of making noodles, you can watch the master pulling and slapping to stretch the dough into noodles at the noodles-making counter.

  • Quality Ingredient:

  • Soba noodles are mad of different buckwheat, depending on the season, so as to make tasty noodles with decent texture. We mainly use Hitachi Aki soba in Ibaraki and grind it into soba powders, which are made into noodles by hand, which is why they are springy and smooth.

  • Perfect Location:

  • Don’t want to go back to the hotel after dinner? Aside from well-known Kokusai Dori, Matsuyama Dori is also a prosperous commercial area in Naha city, perfect for night owls who are keen on nightlife!