23 Public Craft Beer

No. 100, Section 1, Xinhai Road, Da’an District, Taipei City


Opened by two foreign residents seeking to expand Taiwan’s craft beer scene, 23 Public is an intimate space on Xinhai Road near MRT Taipower Building, walking distance from both National Taiwan University and National Taiwan Normal University as well as the cafes and restaurants along Wenzhou Street and in the Shi-da neighborhood. At 23 Public, you will discover a motley crowd of expats and internationally-minded Taiwanese, snacking and drinking together in a convivial atmosphere. A long bar and a few bar tables provide no-frills seating and the full-length windows welcome visitors and provide an unobstructed street view. 23 Public doesn’t shy away from local politics, either, with pro-marriage-equality paraphernalia prominently displayed near the restrooms. An impressive number of beers on tap and small eats are available given the cozy space.

Food offerings lean toward the “munchies with beer” end of the culinary spectrum rather than full meals, although it is possible to get a homemade pizza (cooked in a small electric oven unobtrusively placed toward the end of the bar). Popcorn, nachos and chicken, chips and salsa, peanuts, cranberry chocolate sticks, rosemary fava beans and baked tempura are all on offer. Some more local snacks include edamame - a typical Taiwanese and Japanese bar snack - and a “lion’s head” (a type of large Chinese meatball). Beer is on-tap, with several unique in-house choices. Non-alcoholic drinks are also available.

The owners may be foreign but the staff is young, hip and Taiwanese, with good English. They expertly pour beer without too much foam and attentively dispose of edamame shells as you snack.

Bar 精釀啤酒

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No. 100, Section 1, Xinhai Road, Da’an District, Taipei City


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