Terms of Use

Payment Policy
I. Please provide authentic credit card information when paying by credit card. If there is any false information or fraudulent charges found, FunNow will take an action to ban your account, temporarily or permanently, and withdraw your unused promo codes. FunNow reiterates its strongest stance against illegal behaviors and shall cooperate with the police whenever it’s necessary.

II. You understand and agree that you do not need to sign any form of contracts or receipts in person when making a payment for our services, so after the payment has been made, you should not reject the payment on the reason that you have not signed your name.

Refund Policy
I. Terms and conditions
• If it is during the full refund period, the full amount will be refunded to the original credit card account, and the original Fun Coins and promo codes will be returned. However, if the promo code has expired, it cannot be reissued.
• If it is during the partial refund period, the partial amount will be refunded to the original credit card account according to the refund policy of the product. Fun Coins will be returned, but the promo code will be non-refundable.
• If it exceeds the time that the order can be changed for this product, it cannot be modified or refunded. Orders that have expired cannot be modified or refunded.
• For orders including special packages, during scheduled activities, etc, then the unsubscribe rules marked in the product content and refund policy shall prevail.
II. Special Circumstances
• Any exceptions regarding the cancellation policy will be stated clearly in the “detail” of the package. The cancellation policy may vary among different packages.
A full refund may be granted due to force majeure as earthquake, typhoon, or war.
• Once you propose a request of cancellation, we assume you agree to all the terms and conditions of our cancellation policy.
• As the product is provided by the merchant in real time and the service will be reserved for you, the merchant charges a full fee and refuses any refund if you do not show up on time and fail to contact FunNow customer service in advance.
• Your bank or credit card company takes about 14 working days to process the refund to your credit card. As the credit card checkout date varies with each issuing bank, the refund item may be displayed in the next month's statement. Please contact your bank or credit card company if you wish to check the refund status.

III. Refund rules for gift merchandise
• Once the recipient has selected the usage time of the gift and completed the reservation, the gift has already been received and becomes the property of the recipient, and the sender cannot cancel or withdraw the gift.
• Although the recipient is the owner of the gift once the recipient has selected the usage time of the gift and completed the reservation, the recipient cannot cancel or request for a refund once the reservation has been completed on FunNow.
• If (1) the gift recipient does not open the gift box within 3 days after the gift sender purchases the gift; (2) the gift recipient does not select the usage time of the gift to complete the reservation within 14 days after opening the gift box; (3) the gift sender cancels the gift before the gift recipient selects the usage time of the gift to complete the reservation; (4) the gift purchased by the gift sender has been removed from the store or the store is closed, the amount of the gift purchased by the sender will be fully refunded using the payment method, together with the return of the used Fun Coins and promo code. Please note that the validity of the promo code will not be extended due to the refund and the promo code will be invalid if the original validity is expired at the time of refund.
• After the gift has been sent, the gift sender can request to cancel the gift box and the gift purchased before the recipient completes the collection of the gift. After the gift box has been sent and before the gift recipient opens the gift box (the maximum period is 3 days), the gift sender can cancel the gift box through the system at any time; if the gift recipient has opened the gift box, before the gift is received or the collection period expires (the maximum collection period is 14 days after opening the gift box), the gift sender can only cancel the gift box manually through customer service. Please note that there will be a time gap in the operation of the customer service. Therefore, if the gift box is manually canceled through the customer service, it may not be possible to cancel the gift box because the recipient has completed the gift collection during the process.
• Regarding the calculation of the number of days in this clause, the first day is the day following the occurrence of the event and ends at 23:59:59 on the last day.
• Each gift can only be used once and cannot be split or partially refunded.

Fun Coins Policy
• Fun Coins are valid for 6 months, and each new purchase on FunNow introduces an extension of the validity period. Fun Coins will expire after 6 months from your last booking. If you forget to use Fun Coins while booking, you can still use them for subsequent purchases.
• All the Fun Coins will be returned to your FunNow account for cancellations due to force majeure.
• Fun Coins are available when the order amount exceeds TWD 100. The maximum discount for each booking is 100 Fun Coins.
• You must agree and follow the regulation regarding the usage of Fun Coins. Any improprieties confirmed, including gaining Fun Coins in improper ways, reselling Fun Coins to third person, or having profit-making, opportunistic behaviors, may result in a permanent ban of the services. FunNow is not liable to any form of compensation for your personal behaviors and might take a legal action to ask for a compensation if there is any loss caused.

How to Get the Fun Coins?
• Invite your friends to join FunNow membership with the invitation code. 
• Both You and your friend will get 100 Fun coins after the first purchase made by the new member.

• Taiwan (TWD)         100 Fun Coins = TWD 100
• Hong Kong (HKD)  100 Fun Coins = HKD 25
• Japan (JPY)            100 Fun Coins = JPY 400
• Malaysia (MYR)      100 Fun Coins = MYR 12.50
• Thailand(THB)   100 Fun Coins = THB 100

Refund for Fun Coins
Fun Coins will be refunded in the following two situations
• The amount of the order (as well as the used Fun Coins) will be fully or partially refunded to the original credit card account If you meet the full or partial refund conditions and apply for cancellation during the period.
• You will be fully refunded (as well as the used Fun Coins) if the cancellation of your order is due to force majeure.