Terms of Use

1. The Company takes utmost importance in the protection of your personal information. In order to provide you with a safety environment for consumption, the Company will comply with the "Personal Data Protection Law" of the Republic of China and related laws and regulations to collection, processing and use of customer data are in compliance and maintain your personal data and privacy.

2. The Company will do its best to protect the personal data and privacy of all users. The data gathered from you will be assessed and provided to the service provider should there be a need in order to deliver the goods or services. It is imperative that you are made aware that the Company collects your data to assist service providers to provide the goods or services you need. Except for possible violations of the law, infringement, violation of the terms of service or with your consent, the Company will not arbitrarily hand over the contents of personal data to third parties or units that do not need to know. If you encounter a personal data leakage situation, please provide proof and inform our customer service center as soon as possible.

3. When you log in to your personal information for payment-related transactions, we will collect your personal information such as your name, email, mobile number, IP, consumption record, collection service provider, commodity or invoice delivery address, etc. Information such as credit card number, expiration date and check code, your installation of equipment and software related to this service, and other information that you actively provide for your participation in the use of this service are to verify your identity and provide you with customized services, commodity distribution, user management and customer service payment services and related dispute handling, various preferential measures, advertising, marketing, market research, fraud and malicious programs prevention as well as other business needs that are suitable for business registration projects. All user data will be properly stored in our Company. Our Company will only carry out payment-related procedures or cooperation for you, based on the contractual relationship between the Company and banks and service providers, in accordance with "Personal Data Protection Act", transfer your information to the credit card acquiring bank, the issuing bank that pays for the credit card of the partner who provides goods or services, and in addition to this, will never disclose your information to others.

4. Should the service provider use your personal data provided through the purchase of goods or services in marketing or advertising and that it may causes you trouble, please inform the service provider to delete your data, or notify the Company to assist in the process. While the behavior of service providers is beyond the Company's control, the Company strongly believes in the importance of personal data protection.

5. The personal information that you provide to obtain the redemption code (for example: E-mail, address, mobile phone number, consumption record, payment credit card information, etc.) are for the Company’s purpose of after-sale service. In line with the contractual relationship between the user and the Company, the service provider may collect or process personal data according to the specific purpose of the Personal Data Protection Act. In addition, you agree that the Company has the right to send "redemption code", "promotional newsletter" and "event message" to your email address and mobile phone. The e-newsletter sent by the Company leaves you with E-mail and other information for you to agree to subscribe, and agrees to receive the information sent by the Company including but not limited to: cooperative service provider preferential messages, coupon sales services, and other companies Cooperation activities, service provider advertisements and other event information, advertisements and text.

6. You agree to deal with consumer disputes, litigation (or decree, according to the order of the judicial administrative agency), the need to implement these terms of service, to maintain the normal operation and safety of the services of this website, or to protect other users or for the legal rights and interests of other third parties, the Company may view or provide your personal data to the court, the competent authority, or a third party who provides appropriate proof to claim that their rights have been violated.

7. The Company will take relevant measures according to law for personal data or credit card information collected by this service such as FunNow payment security which has been upgraded in line with the PCI DSS specifications adopted by Uber and other technology companies. At present, regardless of Apple Pay or credit card transactions, all consumer card information is recorded in the hands of third-party financial institutions. Throughout the transaction process, FunNow will not know and have the opportunity to view and access your complete card number. In addition, the database is equipped with various information security measures such as firewalls and anti-virus to protect the security of your personal data, including operating procedures, technical aspects, and personal data protection education and training of the Company's personnel where the relevant processing personnel have signed confidentiality contracts. Please be rest assured that we require that only employees who must access your personal data due to business needs have the right to access your personal data to ensure your privacy.

8. If you wish to delete your account, please make sure that you have no pending bookings before you proceed. You can contact our customer representative online to assist you in deleting your personal information. Please note that there will be a 30-day grace period after the deletion of your account, and there is no way to retrieve or restore your account after the deletion of your account, so you will be responsible for any loss of rights caused by the deletion.

Thank you for reading our privacy policy. By reading this privacy policy and completing the registration, you are deemed to agree to and accept all the terms contained in this document, including how we collect, use, store, and share your personal identifiable information.