Brunch on Weekends|2 Pax


・Inclusive of: Brunch for 2 pax.
・Salad (choose 2 out of 2): Fruit Dressing / Vinaigrette
・Drinks (choose 2 out of 7): Americano / Chamomile Tea / Earl Grey Tea / Mango Soda / Iced Black Tea / Coke / Sprite
・Grilled Chicken Thigh with Beef Gravy and Poached Egg with Tomato Sauce
・Egg (choose 2 out of 3): Scrambled / Sunny-side-up / Over Easy
・Bread (choose 2 out of 3): Homemade Focaccia / Soft French Bread / Ciabatta

About Merchant

  • About BravoBeer: BravoBeer aims to provide a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere without having their customer pay extra for it. Each beer here has its own wine glass and with up to 200 Belgian beers, now everyone can choose their own beer.

  • Signature Cuisine: Brunches, Fried Platters, American & Mexican cuisine and pizzas.




Songshan Dist., Taipei CityNo.185, Sec.4, Civic Blvd.

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Zhongxiao Dunhua Station / 9 min walk ( Bus ) Civic Blvd. & Yanji Intersection Sta. / 3 min walk ( Bus ) Civic Blvd. & Dunhua Intersection Sta. / 5 min walk ( Bus ) Apollo Building Station / 8 min walk

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Business Hours

The Fine Print

  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please refer to on-site announcements for dine in or takeout options. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience.
  • The dining time is 120 minutes in total.
  • Place is held for only 10 minutes. Please arrive on time.


Cancellation Policy