Oil Spa + Scalp Massage 115 min


・Inclusive of : 15-min Natural organic foot bath + 90-min aroma oil + 10-min Head relief.
・This package does not provide shower space, please confirm before purchasing.
・ Uses natural organic foot bath to soothe tired legs. The Chinese-style relieves the muscles of the whole body and allows the tired limbs to relax and stretch completely. Open up the body and mind, let the heavy body relieve the pressure, and be as light as a bird.
・ Suitable for: Business owners, housewives, full-time moms, people with stressful lives and have poor sleep quality.
・ Selected Abysse compound essential oils can be upgraded in the next step. Not only does it heal your body and mind, it can also moisturize, soothe and firm the skin.


  • 加贈法國進口 FARMELL 蠶絲修護面膜 1 片

About Merchant

  • Recommended experience:

  • The Super-high-level Chinese massage combines Chinese healthcare methods with Thai foot bath, acupressure and aromatherapy Renewed. It can deal with any type of discomfort of the body. The professional masseurs skillfully push away some accumulated fatigue and makes the bones feel new again!

  • Top materials:

  • All kinds of courses use extremely high-quality essential oils, whereas the "Lanting Sparrow Fragrance" project uses the Austrian aromatic essential oil. The naturally extracted fragrance softens the fatigue and restores the ideal state of mind and body!

  • Splendid decoration:

  • It is spacious, comfortable, noble and elegant! The masseurs and staffs are warm and professional, while the one-to-one service makes the heart feels warm.


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  • 本專案恕無法指定服務人員 / 男女師。
  • 若您為女性消費者,需指定服務人員性別,請於備註欄備註,並留下您的訂位姓名、電話,若有時間異動以利第一時間與您聯繫。若能提供則現場收取指定服務人員費用 TWD 150 給服務店家。


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