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Foot Massage 50 min


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・The program content: foot massage 40 minutes + foot bath 10 minutes, completely relieve the pressure of the feet.
・Foot massage can stimulate the reflex zones of various parts, so that the blood circulation is smooth, eliminating the accumulation of waste or toxins in the body so that the normal operation of the metabolism.


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About Merchant

  • Palace Massage is an affordable massage parlor in Daan District. With the favorable price and quality service, Palace Massage will help you to relax your tense muscles and achieve relaxation.

  • Palace Massage: Google 4.8 stars, FunNow 4.8 stars

  • Palace Massage specializes in foot massage and full body acupressure. The instructors have more than 8 years of experience and are skilled and delicate in their techniques. We offer a wide variety of full-body acupressure, oil pressure, foot massage, and other items to relax every part of your body.

  • We use high-quality essential oils, lavender and sea salt foot baths, and wellness teas.

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Private space


No.11, Ln. 84, Sec.1, Da'an Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Zhongxiao Fuxing Station / 2 min walk ( MRT ) Zhongxiao Dunhua Station / 8 min walk ( Bus ) Wellcome market Sta. / 3 min walk

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  • The merchant does not provide service for those who are pregnant.
  • Please leave a note in the "Special Requirements" column if you would like to assign a certain masseur.
  • A TWD 100 fee will be charged on-site for those who assign a certain masseur.
  • Food or drinks will not be provided during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy