AN 58 Chengde

Prepaid deposit of TWD 300 for deduction


・本方案內容:現場消費總金額 TWD 300 餐酒折抵
・店家推薦菜色:蒜香鲜蝦 / 巴斯克風味燉魚 / 十吋肉食拼盤 / 西班牙手打肉丸 / 佛朗明哥厚切培根焗蛋 / 松露起司滑蛋
・店內低消為一人 500,均消為 TWD 600 - 700。

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FunNow Member Benefit

贈送 120 元內飲品或椒鹽脆薯 1 份

About Merchant

  • About AN58:

  • The restaurant's name is inspired by Nièvre’s postcode, a place famous for making fine and perfect porcelain.

  • Splendid Decoration:

  • They will also display and sell imported handmade porcelain and some of the dishes are presented with porcelain plates too. Their end goal is to provide a cosy dining environment for their guests.

  • Signature Cuisine:

  • Alicante-style seafood paella: traditional Spanish paella, made from Spanish rice with prawns, calamari and mussels.

  • Spanish seafood pasta:succulent seafood with handmade capellini, one of the must-try dishes.




No.29, Sec.4, Chengde Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Jiantan Station / 6 min walk ( Bus ) Jiantan Elementary School Sta. / 1 min walk ( Bus ) Tonghe Street Sta. / 2 min walk

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Business Hours


  • 因應疫情期間,如需內用或是外帶依餐廳現場公告為主,造成不便敬請見諒。
  • 此方案將保留一人座位並可抵一人低消,第二人起依店內低消為一人 280 元收費
  • FunNow 預訂與店家現場優惠不可併用
  • 此折抵方案一人限購一份使用,請依實際人數選擇購買份數。若購買份數超過實際到場之人數,將由客服人員協助銷單。
  • 用餐時間為 1.5 小時,依餐廳現場狀況為主。
  • 現場額外消費另收 10% 服務費。


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy