Aoiya Ryukyu Izakaya

葵屋 FunNow 套餐|2 ~ 3 人份


本商品為葵屋 FunNow 套餐,份量稍多,建議 2 ~ 3 人食用。
・伊江島握壽司 2 貫

—FunNow 會員獨家贈送—
・沖繩煎餅 1 份

Product Description

沖縄料理の代表格👏 ゴーヤーチャンプルは苦味もやわらかく夏バテ予防になります❣️


🚝 ゆいレール旭橋駅から近く⛴ 那覇港のフェリー乗り場からも


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About Merchant

  • Introduction:

  • Located in front of Asahibashi station, the restaurant offers traditional local Okinawa cuisines, a very affordable but heartwarming little gem for locals.

  • Signature Dishes:

  • Fresh Sashimi Platter: A big seafood platter with great value, a must order in the restaurant.

  • Agu pork sesame salad: Sweet and savory sesame dressing with Agu pork, a very Okinawan salad.

  • Braised Pig feet: If you are into the gelatinous texture this one is definitely for you, best companion with any rice dish!

  • Activites:

  • Every night at 19:00 and 21:00 there will be a 20 min. Sanshin guitar performance in the restaurant, toast in the most Okinawan way possible!


Higashimachi 11-18, 1F, Okinawa, Naha

Public Transportation

Map Code:33 126 813*11 3 minutes walk from Asahibashi Station of the Okinawa Urban Monorail Line.

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Business Hours


  • 確認預訂後請準時抵達店家。
  • 如有行程延誤,或有任何問題需要提前告知、詢問店家,請於 app 畫面右下角會員頁面》常見問題》其他-聯繫客服,洽詢 FunNow 客服,將有專人為您服務。


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