Misty Nail

手 / 足部基礎保養


・本方案內容:手部基礎保養,服務時間約為 1.5 小時。
消毒 + 修整甲型 + 推甘皮 + 剪甘皮 + 修磨兩側粗皮 + 甲面去角質 + 甲面處理 + 指緣油 + 指甲油上色。

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From TWD 600


From TWD 800

About Merchant

  • Professional staffs:

  • When it comes to manicure and eyelashes, it requires skillful and careful professionals to let customer feel rest assured! The staffs at Misty Nail are all certified in Japan, so their skills are undoubtedly good and their sense of beautify is also first-class! You will for sure become very beautiful!

  • Top materials:

  • Regardless of the nails or eyelashes, the materials used in the store have been carefully selected to ensure that it does not hurt the skin, allowing you to enjoy safely and without any burden.

  • Interior decoration:

  • The white-based store is small and warm. The fresh colors and small decorations make girls feel better. After all, being beautiful is about making yourself happy!




No.30, Ln. 52, Sec.1, Da'an Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City

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捷運忠孝復興站,走路 5 分鐘 公車瑠公圳公園站,走路 3 分鐘

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  • 本店符合政府防疫規範,請安心體驗服務,若有調整依現場公告。
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