Xinghong Spa

Thai Massage 120 min


・Inclusive of: Foot Spa Bath (10 min) + Thai Massage (110 min).
・The service time is 120 minutes in total.

About Merchant

  • 主打泰式古法指壓。

  • 星葒泰式健康舒壓館擁有優良的技師群,提供最專業的按摩技巧,讓累積了一身疲累的您得到放鬆。用最完善的設備與優質的服務,滿足您所要的需求。

  • 熟練手法:結合中式、泰式按摩手法,柔中帶勁、到位!

  • 專業師傅:細心的師傅群提供專業指壓、油壓技巧,讓顧客緊繃的身體、以及深藏在肌肉裡的疲勞一併解放,在這裡能體驗到徹底舒活筋絡的感受!

  • 絕佳位置:位於芝山捷運站二號出口,四通八達,來去都不煩惱~


Private Room


Shilin Dist., Taipei City1F., No.83, Dexing W. Rd.

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Zhishan Station / 3 min walk ( Bus ) Dexing W. Rd. Station / 1 min walk ( Bus ) MRT Zhishan Station / 2 min walk

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The Fine Print

  • A TWD 200 fee will be charged for those who wish to have an oil massage. Please inform the service staff on-site.
  • Please notice that the service staff will be assigned randomly.
  • Please leave a note in the "Special Requirements" column if you would like to assign a certain masseur.
  • A TWD 100 fee will be charged on-site for those who assign a certain masseur.
  • Food or drinks will not be provided during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cancellation Policy