Oriental SPA ( Anhe )

AYUNA經典臉部保養 90 min


・本方案內容:AYUNA經典臉部保養,共計 90 分鐘。
・以古印度阿育吠陀為基礎,將植物採用精密科學精準萃取並結合細緻服務流程,搭配獨特 「LOVEU」按摩手法,可放鬆臉部肌肉並加強肌膚緊緻度,讓肌膚明顯呈現更飽滿有光澤的健康狀態,綻放透亮光澤。
・國際四季酒店、麗池卡登酒店 指定保養品牌

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  • Villa. like Spa is a highly rated massage parlor in Daan District. The main focus is on Thai ancient massage, Thai aromatherapy oil pressure, and pregnant mothers' balance and stress relief. The Thai massage is slow and deep, with meridians as the main axis and passive yoga to achieve a full range of relaxation.

  • Spa Rating: Google 4.5 stars, FunNow 4.8 stars

  • Villa. like Spa uses top-quality five-element essential oils to match your body's attributes and then uses unique massage techniques to calm your mind, body, and spirit.

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No.9, Ln. 171, Sec.2, Anhe Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Liuzhangli Station / 9 min walk ( Bus ) Lih-Jen International Private School K-9. Elementary School Sta. / 3 min walk ( Bus ) Chenggong Public Housing Sta. / 4 min walk

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