Jiang Du Kebabs - Liuzhangli

Prepaid deposit of TWD 530 for deduction


・本方案內容:現場消費總金額 TWD 530 折抵。
・店家推薦菜色:羊肉串 / 牛肉串 / 蔬菜 / 骨肉相連。
・店內低消為一人 2 串,均消為 TWD 330。

About Merchant

  • This is the most authentic skewer restaurant, with a very high CP value and affordable prices.

  • The most authentic "Beijing-style" skewer restaurant with a limited number of ingredients available daily while supplies last. Many customers spend a pleasant evening at the restaurant while playing darts and having a drink.

  • Must-try items: Choice grade beef skewers, pork skewers, chicken skewers, grilled abalone mushrooms, and grilled cucumbers are all very inexpensive. The lamb skewers use lamb shoulder meat, which is tender and oily. They are usually served with chili powder and cumin powder to bring out the original flavor of the ingredients.

  • Great atmosphere: The warm lighting resembles the orange glow of charcoal at the beginning of a fire, making it a relaxing place for everyone to have a drink and a laugh.

  • Location: 5 minutes walk from MRT Liuzhangli Station.


Dart Machines


No.151-7, Sec.2, Jilong Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Liuzhangli Station / 5 min walk ( Bus ) George Vocational High School Sta. / 1 min walk ( Bus ) Bishop's Office Sta. / 5 min walk

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  • 方案可折抵現場消費總金額 TWD 530。
  • 請在到店前完成購買,店家有權拒絕提供現場加購之服務。
  • 此方案一人至多限購一份使用,不足之份數則依現場店內低消消費。
  • 此優惠只限定於疆毒六張犁店。
  • 現場僅收現金。


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy