The Loft Seaside Suites

雙人大眾露天風呂|贈雙人精緻 A 套餐


・本方案限單次進出;不限時,本方案加贈雙人精緻 A 套餐。
・雙人精緻套餐開放用餐時間為週一至週日 11:30 - 14:00 ( 最後點餐時間 13:30 ) 、17:20 - 21:00 ( 最後點餐時間 20:00 )。下訂時請務必留意用餐時間,並於後續頁面選擇用餐時段。
・雙人精緻 A 套餐含 : 和風鮑魚鮮蔬沙拉、蒜泥蒸扇貝、雲南椒麻雞、鮮醬咖哩麵包、清蒸鮮魚片、時令季節湯品、沐舍巧製甜點、寶島合時鮮生菓、飲料、白飯。
・下訂前請留意露天風呂開放時間:每日10:00 - 22:00 。
・ 露天風呂每週四 10:00 - 14:00 進行維護作業不開放、另 [ 3月、6月、9月、12月 ] 第一周星期三戶外泳池及 SPA 池維護,當日不開放使用。
・ 大眾露天風呂請自備泳裝、泳帽、毛巾或至櫃檯租借需收取清潔費單次 50 元。

About Merchant

  • With fusion of enriched elements and architectural aesthetics, the hotel’s exquisite planning and design space with inspiration provides a cozy environment, allowing domestic and overseas guests to experience the bathing in spring breeze and relaxation like home.

  • “The Loft Seaside Suites” is located at the North Coast Scenic Area, which is famous for its grandeur scenery and rich tourism resources. The North Coast Coastal Highway, accompanied by greenery of mountains and deep blue of ocean along with multiple tourist attractions and recreation facilities, are enriched with versatile arts and literal resources.

  • The resort supplies the purest and most natural seabed hot spring across all of Taiwan, which also meets all health standards, making us the holy land of deluxe hot spring favorited by connoisseurs enjoying premium hot springs. Moreover, the hotel brings guests the perfect enjoyment through fine food and recreation! Receptionists in South Seas attire and with refreshing and energetic vibe, soft bed voile embroidered with luxuriance in the guest rooms, comfortable hot spring tubs built with pure stones, delicate fusion meal sets made from fresh and delicate ingredients, room decorations of natural materials simple but elegant rendering swaying shadows of coconut tree and tropical flower plantations showcasing its wondrous beauty, simple design blended with rich Bali style revealing passion and romance, etc. all are made here to offer the best environment for vacation exclusively to you.




No.166-1, Wanlijiatou, Wanli Dist., New Taipei City

Public Transportation

( Bus ) Jiatou Li Station / 1 min walk ( Bus ) Ziqiang Rd. Entrance Station / 2 min walk ( Bus ) Honggongliao Station / 3 min walk ( Bus ) Dapeng Village Station / 5 min walk ( Bus ) Guizishan Station / 10 min walk

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Business Hours


  • 大眾露天風呂請自備泳裝、泳帽、毛巾或至櫃檯租借需收取清潔費單次 TWD 50。
  • 心臟病、高血壓及其他皮膚病患者不建議購買此商品。


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy