Forest Spa ( Main )

按摩節限定|贈森雞湯|全身中式指壓 90 min


⚡️ 按摩贈森雞湯 ( 每筆訂單提供乙盅 )
⚡️ 如現場雞湯售完,會提供雞湯兌換卷供下次兌換使用。"
・本方案內容:全身舒緩放鬆筋絡指壓 90 分鐘 + 養生茶 + 新鮮當季水果,手技時間共 90 分鐘。
・百位專業師傅 24 小時提供服務,隨時待命為您解除疲憊身心。療程後奉上茶品養身點心,讓身心靈緩緩復甦。

About Merchant

  • Recommended Service: With years of professional experience, the masseurs will ease your muscles with each press and release the accumulated stress in your body. Their special “leverage technique” can also relax the sleep-deprived brain!

  • Decoration: Forest Spa uses logs and marble to provide a high-class yet warm vibes to the massage center. You will feel much relaxed even before the massage starts!

  • High-End Materials: The Thai high-end essential oil brand “Boutique” includes five refreshing scents (Jasmine / The Med / Peppermint / Rose / Lavender). You will feel refreshed by inhaling the scents into the nose!


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3F., No.263, Linsen N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City

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  • 本專案恕無法指定服務人員。
  • 60 分鐘方案無法加購熱石服務。


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