Cambodia massage

精油 SPA 按摩 120 min


・本方案內容:香氛足浴 / 淋浴擇一 10 分鐘 + 背部經絡按摩 + 全身精油 SPA 油壓 + 頭部指壓放鬆 + 茶飲點心 5 分鐘,手技共計 105 分鐘。


  • 升等使用『薰衣草放鬆活力舒壓精油』( 價值 TWD 200 )
  • 請白金會員主動提醒店家!

About Merchant

  • Professional masseurs:

  • Experienced masseurs, who have traditional Southeast Asian-style massage techniques, can soothe every stiff muscle, tangled tendons and veins, remove all tiredness, and restore lightness - with soft and energetic strength.

  • Recommended experience:

  • Southeast Asian-style oil pressure and acupressure are all worth a try! The masseurs stretch the tired and sore muscles and remove the stiffness, making people feel relaxed. The oil pressure uses lavender essential oil, of which the light fragrance refreshes the heart. You can relax and rejuvenate your body.

  • Interior decoration:

  • It is spacious, bright, clean, tidy and with Southeast Asian-style decorations. It is as colorful as Southeast Asia, yet not too messy or complicated, making people feel happy!




Songshan Dist., Taipei CityNo.610, Sec.4, Bade Rd.

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捷運松山站,步行 6 分鐘 公車饒河街觀光夜市站,步行 2 分鐘 公車松山農會站,步行 3 分鐘

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  • 本方案恕無法指定服務人員。
  • 疫情期間不提供飲食。


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