Oriental Cuisine Guizhou

預付訂金 500 元折抵|贈醋溜野生川耳


・本方案內容:現場消費總金額 TWD 500 折抵。
・店家推薦菜色:天麻盜汗雞 / 苗寨乾鍋雞 / 茅台香肋排。
・店內無低消限制,均消為 TWD 600 ~ 800。

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贈醋溜野生川耳 1 份 ( 用餐人數四人以下贈小份,五人以上贈大份,限 1 份 )

About Merchant

  • Immerse yourself in the traditional, homely, and nostalgic atmosphere of Dihua Street as you make your way to Oriental Cuisine Guizhou for authentic Guizhou cuisine in the heart of Taipei.

  • Oriental Cuisine Guizhou was established in 2007, and in 2014, it was selected as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Taipei by the international travel bible, Lonely Planet. Located in a historical building on Dihua Street of Dadaocheng, the restaurant has been devoted to the promotion of Taiwan’s high quality traceable food ingredients. In 2015, Oriental Cuisine Guizhou won the highest award of the three-star certification of traceable restaurant and was invited to the Office of the President for preparing dinner banquets for national leaders.


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No.358-2, Sec. 1, Dihua St., Datong Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Daqiaotou Station / 5 min walk ( Bus ) Yanping N. Rd. Night Market Station / 4 min walk ( Bus ) Taipei Bridge Station / 4 min walk ( Bus ) MRT Daqiaotou Station / 6 min walk ( Bus ) Liangzhou & Chongqing Intersection Sta. / 9 min walk

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Business Hours


  • 因應疫情期間,如需內用或是外帶依餐廳現場公告為主,造成不便敬請見諒。
  • 此方案可折抵現場消費總金額 TWD 500。
  • 最後點餐時間 14:00 / 21:00。
  • 此折抵方案不限使用份數。
  • 現場需收 10% 服務費。
  • 自帶酒水,需收開瓶費每瓶 TWD 500。
  • 本店符合政府防疫規範,請安心體驗服務,若有調整依現場公告。
  • 顧客入店需配合店家現場公告之防疫規範,若有調整依現場公告。


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy