Forest Spa ( Tonghua )

腳底按摩 90 min


・本方案內容:腳底按摩 90 分鐘 ( 腳底按摩、熱敷包腳 、捶腿 ) + 養生茶。
・手計共計 90 分鐘。
・FunNow 與現場同步最佳優惠,適合有零碎時間、想要舒緩腳部痠痛的您。

About Merchant

  • About Us: All the masseurs are professionally trained to just press with the right pressure. If you have the full body massage course, you can even choose your favorite essential oils! There are also hot stone oil massages that are generally rare to find, as well as a variety of choices and services for you to get rid of fatigue!

  • Special Facilities: There are independent suites, including single rooms and double rooms. Moreover, each suite has its independent shower room, which is convenient for guests to take care of their appearance!

  • Nearby Attractions: Located in the lively Tonghua Night Market area, it is close to Showtime Cinemas and the transportation is convenient. You can easily plan a fun day around it!




No.26-3, Tonghua St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Xinyi Anhe Station / 6 min walk ( MRT ) Liuzhangli Station / 13 min walk ( MRT ) Taipei 101 / World Trade Center Station / 15 min walk ( Bus ) Xinyi & Tonghua Intersection Sta. / 4 min walk ( Bus ) Wenchang St. Entrance Station / 4 min walk

Nearby Attractions

Business Hours


  • 本專案恕無法指定服務人員 / 男女師。


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