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・本方案內容:現場消費總金額 TWD 1000 折抵。
・ELITE 會員獨家|紅白氣泡酒單瓶 85 折。
・午間菜單 $1680 起,晚間菜單 $2480 起。若中午有晚間套餐的需求,請訂位時告知做調整。

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現場紅白氣泡酒單瓶優惠 85 折

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JE Kitchen 新一季的菜單已經正式推出。我們在餐點中融入了多樣的酸性元素,例如梅子酒、土佐醋、柚子、金棗、蘋果、莓果、檸檬,以及透過發酵過程產生特殊酸香氣息的黑蒜、酒粕及酒釀,搭配當令季節食材如白蘆筍、螢烏賊等,最後再用由脫水優格製成的安茹乳酪 ( Crème d'Anjou ) 甜品為套餐劃下句點。各種層次風味各異的酸在套餐中扮演著不同角色、或甦醒味蕾、或完整風味組合架構、或疊加清爽層次,適切地呼應著逐漸轉趨溫暖的天氣 ~

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・現可接受 14 天內網路訂位 ( 包場 or 品牌外燴需求請來電洽詢 )
・若有需求蛋奶素餐點,請提前 3 天告知 ( 暫不接受全素或不乳製品的素食需求 )

About Merchant

  • About JE kitchen: JE Kitchen was established by Jimmy and Elvis, who have strong passions in the culinary art and F&B industry.

  • Values: Staying up to date with the latest trend of western dining and modern cuisine skills, they often explore the possibilities of combining local products, imported materials and modern western cooking. Due to the passion they have for their homeland, they hope to present customers the world through their dishes.

  • Special Honors: 2018 & 2019 Michelin Guide Recommended.




1F., No.48, Ln. 346, Guangfu S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City

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( MRT ) S.Y.S. Memorial Hall Station / 6 min walk ( MRT ) Zhongxiao Dunhua Station / 10 min walk ( Bus ) S.Y.S. Memorial Hall Station / 3 min walk ( Bus ) Renai & Yanji Intersection Station / 4 min walk

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  • 店家提供刷卡服務。


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