Noir Candle Studio (Sathon)

Details Top 3 Special Class


Teach details of scented candles
- Accepting students per round no more than 5-6 persons
- Making 1 soy wax candle
- Making candles from the use of various types of wax.
-Selection of filling, appearance and type
Things to do in class and bring back
- Using candle colors technique for intense color
- 2 candles, each made by students
- How to see the candle boiling temperature and scent
- 1 bottle of air freshener
- Choosing the right scent preliminary mixing
- 1 scented wax
- Calculation of perfume and candle texture
- documentation Assembling the updated book
- recommended sources of raw materials
tutorial details air freshener
- Making a fragrant base for a long-lasting scent
- Choosing the right scent for making fragrant stems.
- Technique to spread the smell tightly, not easy to clog.
- Choosing to use a scent diffuser.
- Choosing a beautiful color to dissolve the base.
Tutorial Details Scented Wax
- making scented wax hanging in the closet
- Recipe and how to do it. Measuring the brewing temperature and scent
- decoration with dried flowers

About Merchant

  • Noir Candle Studio is a candle studio near BTS Sathon station

  • One-stop shop for scented candles, sale of raw materials and production of scented candles. Teach incense to build a brand.

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2046, 3 Chan Road, Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120,

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Near BTS St. Louis

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  • Please arrive at the shop 10 Mins before service time.

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