Michelin 1-star|Golden Formosa

Prepaid deposit of TWD 10000 for deduction|Deep-Fried Sweet Taro Complimentary|For one-time use non-refund


・Package Details: On-site total consumption amount of TWD 10000 is eligible for a discount (for 6-10 people), with the reservation of 1 table.
・This discount package is for one-time use only. No refund will be provided if the consumption does not reach this amount.
・After completing the reservation process for this product, the cloud invoice will be sent to the member's email.
・Recommended dishes from the restaurant: Crispy Fried Spareribs, Hot Pot with Spanish Mackerel & Rice Noodle in Casserole, Green Onion-Braised Sea Cucumber and Sea Urchin Noodles, Supreme Abalone Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup (requires reservation three days in advance).
・This package allows a maximum reservation for 10 individuals, including children and infants.
・The average expenditure per person at the restaurant ranges from TWD 800 to TWD 1600.
・Last order time: Weekday lunch 13:20 / Weekend 14:10 / Weekday and Weekend dinner 20:00.
・A 10% service charge will be applied on-site.
・In case of cancellation due to confirmed illness, please notify the restaurant at least one day before the scheduled time. Failure to notify the restaurant will result in the inability to cancel the reservation, and no refund will be provided. Your understanding is appreciated.
・If a confirmed diagnosis occurs on the scheduled date, cancellation or rescheduling is not possible. However, family or friends can come to the restaurant for takeout. Your understanding is appreciated.
・Menu items are subject to availability on-site; please contact the restaurant in advance to reserve specific dishes.
・Special holiday menus and minimum spending requirements may differ from regular days, and the complimentary Deep-Fried Taro Strips may not be included (reservation only).

FunNow Exclusive Gift

FunNow Member Benefit

Complimentary serving of the signature Deep-Fried Sweet Taro.

Product Description


( 還沒看到圖片就口水直流,還不趕快往下滑嗎? )







炸土魠魚很鮮甜、口感 Q 彈,油炸過後的芋頭及魷魚等配料,將香氣更加提出,食材的鮮甜也更熬進湯頭,甘醇濃郁的湯頭得到許多人的喜愛。



遠近馳名的招牌菜三:蔥燒煨蔘海膽麵 ( 需提前三天預訂 )

蝦米 ?! 聽說沒有前三天訂還吃不到 ! 香噴噴的蔥油伴隨著海膽的鮮,搭配軟硬適中的麵條,喜歡海膽的人一定不要錯過!記得至少提前三天預訂唷。


遠近馳名的招牌菜四:帝王佛跳牆 ( 需提前三天預訂 )

米其林指南特別推薦,使用上選勾翅、鮑魚、干貝、花菇、 花膠、海蔘、滷元蹄等精選食材,加上特熬高湯蒸煮,湯頭清澈卻濃醇不膩,食材互襯而不搶味,強力推薦!





特選南非白鮑魚,以主廚特製醬汁 6 小時慢火細滷,一口咬下,口感嫩滑又彈牙,鮑汁四溢鮮甜海味盡收您的味蕾,絕對是前所未有的星級美食感受。


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About Merchant

  • Michelin 1-star | Golden Penglai Taiwanese Cuisine is a Taiwanese restaurant in Taipei that has been awarded the prestigious Michelin 1-star consecutively for six years. A family tradition spanning three generations, the restaurant is committed to meticulous cooking, pursuing the ultimate and exquisite flavors. It has received acclaim from both domestic and international media and is a must-visit for many supporters, prominent figures in politics and business, internationally renowned artists, and tourists.

  • Must-try dishes on the Michelin 1-star | Golden Penglai Taiwanese Cuisine menu include Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup, Formosa Sliced Boiled Chicken, and Crispy Fried Spareribs.

  • Rating for Michelin 1-star | Golden Penglai Taiwanese Cuisine: Highly recommended with a 4.3-star rating on Google.

  • Recommendation for Michelin 1-star | Golden Penglai Taiwanese Cuisine: The restaurant's exterior design exudes a nostalgic and warm feeling. Upon entering, the spacious and bright foyer is furnished with sofas and benches reminiscent of a comfortable living room, providing waiting guests with a homely and cozy ambiance.

  • For reservations and the latest promotions at Michelin 1-star | Golden Penglai Taiwanese Cuisine, please check ⬇︎


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No.101, Tianmu E. Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( Bus ) Zhongcheng Rd. Entrance Station / 1 min walk ( Bus ) Taipei Municipal School of Special Education Station / 3 min walk ( Bus ) Tianhe Park Station / 5 min walk ( Bus ) Dongshan Rd. Station / 6 min walk ( Bus ) Tianmu Baseball Stadium ( Zhongcheng ) Station / 9 min walk

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  • Due to the ongoing pandemic, please be advised that dine-in or takeout options are subject to the restaurant's on-site announcements, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. This package is applicable for a discount on the on-site total consumption amount of TWD 10,000.
  • This package allows a maximum reservation for 10 individuals. If the actual number of guests exceeds 10, our customer service will assist in adjusting the order.
  • FunNow reservations cannot be used in conjunction with on-site promotions at the restaurant.
  • Our restaurant complies with government epidemic prevention regulations. Please rest assured and follow any adjustments based on on-site announcements.
  • Customers entering the restaurant must comply with on-site epidemic prevention regulations. Any adjustments will be based on on-site announcements.


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