Sanzo Wagyu Hot Pot

Prepaid deposit of TWD 500 for deduction


・本方案內容:現場消費總金額 TWD 500 折抵。
・店家推薦菜色:A5 和牛肋眼 / A5 和牛板腱 / A5 和牛肩小排。
.店內低消為一人 1 份套餐,均消為 TWD 1000。

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每桌贈肉盤三選一:美國熟成去骨肩胛牛小排 / 西班牙伊比利豬 / 小海鮮拼盤 ( 限一份 )。

Product Description

口水直流的小編已經把菜單準備好囉!菜單往下看 ⬇️





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About Merchant

  • About Sanzo: The Wagyu beef that is really produced in Japan is the best wagyu beef. The restaurant imports the world-famous Hida Wagyu beef, which tastes extremely delicious when in shabu-shabu (hot pot).

  • Signature Dishes: You must try the "Hida Wagyu A5 Rib", which is tender and the oil flowers are fine and even. The meat is very flexible and strong, and is full and tender yet not greasy the moment you put it in your month! Other meat and seafood are also very delicious.

  • Interior Design: The restaurant uses metal and a lot of woody colors to create a sense of high-end and elegance. The yellow lighting is just right -- not too dazzling nor dim. The overall feeling is very comfortable.


No.2, Aly. 8, Ln. 251, Sec.3, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Zhongxiao Fuxing Station / 4 min walk ( Bus ) MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station / 3 min walk ( Bus ) Liugongjun Park Station / 4 min walk ( Bus ) Huaisheng Elementary School Station / 5 min walk ( Bus ) Zhengyi Post Office Station / 6 min walk

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Business Hours


  • 最後點餐時間:週一至週五 20:30 / 週六週日 13:30、20:30。
  • 此折抵方案一人限購一份使用,請依實際人數選擇購買份數。若購買份數超過實際到場之人數,將由客服人員協助銷單。
  • 現場需收 10% 服務費。
  • 此方案可折抵現場消費總金額 TWD 500。
  • 餐點圖片僅供參考,食材依時令季節調整。
  • 抵達餐廳時,請出示 FunNow 訂單兌換碼供現場人員作兌換。


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy