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套餐 :
椒麻口水雞 + 好蝦炊飯 便當
蔥油香香雞 + 好蝦炊飯 便當
忠青炸排骨 + 好蝦炊飯 便當
椒麻口水雞 + 威士忌牛肉燥 便當
蔥油香香雞 + 威士忌牛肉燥 便當
忠青炸排骨 + 威士忌牛肉燥 便當
威士忌辣牛肉燥拌麵 + 忠青炸雞腿
威士忌辣牛肉燥拌麵 + 忠青炸排骨
忠青炸雞腿 + 好蝦拌麵
忠青炸排骨 + 好蝦拌麵
忠青炸雞腿 + 威士忌牛肉燥拌麵
忠青炸排骨 + 威士忌牛肉燥拌麵

單點 :
忠青蝦蛋飯 / 忠青牛蛋飯

・可加購升級濃厚雞白湯套餐 / 忠青蝦蛋飯 / 忠青牛蛋飯 / 忠青四寶拼盤 / 荷包蛋 / 招牌花干 / 手工香腸 / 又鹵又炸豬血糕佐花生粉 / 濃厚雞白湯加蛋 / 濃厚雞白湯加魚丸 / 忠青炸排骨 / 忠青炸雞腿,請於下一步預訂時加購。

・請於備註選擇取餐方式,若選擇 [ 在外碰面 ] ,外送員會將餐點送至填寫之地址,依據訂單提供之電話號碼聯繫取餐。
・外送餐點訂單不適用 FunNow 一般訂單退費規則,無 10 分鐘猶豫期,亦不可更改時間或取消訂單。

About Merchant

  • Ximen Jinfeng | Taipei Cuisine

  • The fatty pork is dancing in the pan, and the steaming salty sauce is poured over the crystal-clear white rice, stimulating 6 million olfactory cells, Oh! Who can refuse the temptation of pork rice with its soft, smooth and sticky texture?

  • -------------------------------

  • Chung Ching Trading Company | Taipei Cuisine

  • Taipei's most popular noodle shop, "Chung Ching Shang Hong", has embarked on a bowl rescue mission to challenge all the literary noodle shops on the street, so you can eat rice and be literary too!

  • The restaurant's research, development, and cooking are designed to make each of the delicious dishes from the village delicious and outstanding.

  • Zhong Qing's delicious declaration: "Even if we can't save the world, let us use good food to save your stomach!"

  • -------------------------------

  • Red Leaf Tea House|Japanese cuisine

  • A local brand from Kamakura City, the ancient capital of Japan, and a popular Japanese snack for locals and tourists is available exclusively in Taipei for the first time!

  • We offer a wide variety of delicious main dishes with Japanese-style dishes, prepared with quality ingredients.

  • You can enjoy the original taste from Japan at home even if you can't fly out of Japan.

  • -------------------------------

  • Shu Rice Healthy Meal Box|Hsinchu Cuisine

  • "Tried a lot of healthy lunch boxes, and finally found a full meal" "rare in the world of pure deliciousness"

  • Hsinchu gourmets five-star reviews ★★★★★

  • Five-star reviews are not empty wind (although Hsinchu is very windy) Shu Rice insists on using the best and freshest ingredients, only to give consumers the best!

  • You can freely choose five kinds of sauces, healthy and delicious meals, on the road to fat loss with Shu rice with you low-carbon, high fiber, not alone!

  • -------------------------------

  • Drunken Spicy|Taipei Cuisine

  • Founded in 2013, Drunken Hot Pot has been captivating the taste buds of many gourmets for 7 years with its variety of fresh ingredients, special soup, and 16 kinds of Haagen-Dazs, and has become the designated hot pot brand for foreign visitors to Taipei. Taipei Spicy Hot Pot" has been exclusively continued by food fab since 2021, with the most popular spicy, Hokkaido kombu and herbal soup.

  • -------------------------------

  • GumGum Chicken Wings|Taipei Cuisine

  • GumGum represents the attitude of unrestrained life, telling everyone to find their most relaxed moment by holding a cigarette in their mouths! GumGum combines different ingredients to create a variety of unique chicken wing dishes that combine local and exotic flavors, full of freshly fried items, no nagging directly to you full of fish, shrimp, fries and the signature chicken wings, crisp salad, stew, and pasta in full quantity, enjoy the left side of the stomach full of happiness.

  • -------------------------------

  • Zhai Jiu Noodles | Hsinchu Cuisine

  • This restaurant was awarded the 2017 World Food Quality Award (Silver Medal), and is the first choice of DNA for those who want to taste the old family village cuisine - "Zhai Jiu". The rich beef soup, the powerful hot and sour soup, and the aromatic and filling scallion dumplings will hit your belly!

  • Handmade noodles ❌ preservatives ❌ added ⭕ Noodles are Q-tip and solid, noodle lovers should not miss!


B1F., No.289, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd, Da’an Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station / 4 min walk ( MRT ) Zhongxiao Dunhua Station / 6 min walk ( Bus ) Apollo Building Sta. / 1 min walk ( Bus ) MRT Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Sta. / 5 min walk ( Bus ) MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Sta. / 6 min walk

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Business Hours

The Fine Print

  • Areas not allowed for food delivery: Taipei 101, Xinyi District Office, Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1, ATT 4 FUN Xinyi Branch
  • The chosen time is the "expected time of the arrival." The delivery may be postponed or brought forward due to the traffic or the weather.
  • After ordering, both the restaurant and the driver will receive the order information in time. The restaurant will start cooking immediately, so the FunNow return policy is not applicable to the delivered food. There will not be a 10-minute hesitation time, and the customer cannot alter the time or cancel the order.
  • If the food is not delivered within 15 minutes after the delivery, please reach out to the customer service through the online chat room and give the information about the order.
  • If any food is missed, incorrect, or damaged, please reach out to the customer service through the online chat room within 10 minutes after the delivery and provide pictures and information about your order. After the problem is confirmed, FunNow will compensate a part or all of your loss.
  • If you choose to meet the driver outside, the driver will wait at the designated location for no more than 10 minutes. If the driver cannot contact you through the phone number, the delivered food will be left at the designated location, and the order will be seen as delivered.


Cancellation Policy