Indulge Bistro

現場 1100 元折抵


・Inclusive: TWD 1100 Off for the Final Bill
・Recommended Dish:

【Main Course】
- Roasted Crispy Knuckle with Mushroom Risotto & Pickled Cabbage
- Argentina Red Shrimp Hand-Pulled Noodles with Fried Garlic, Poached Egg Cilantro & Minced Pork Belly
- Crispy Duck Breast with Miso Duck Jus, Lacy Crepe & Pickled Turnip
- Australian Grain-Fed Wagyu Tri-Tip with Caramelized Mashed Carrot & Grated Soy Yolk

- French Crepe with Cream Cheese Mayo & Sanding Green Onion
- Heirloom Tomato Salad with Ginger Flavor Dashi Jelly and Smoked Cheese
- Romesco Stir Fry Nest Fern with Aged Mimolette & Crushed Hazelnut
- Crispy Baguette with Seafood, Roe Trio & Bechamel
- Diced Flat Iron Steak with Sous Vide Coffe Oil & Baked Barley
- Fried Chicken Wing with Truffle Risotto Stuffings

・Average consumption: TWD 1500 - 2000


  • A serving of one round shot is given. (value TWD 259, accompanying VIP members are included.)

About Merchant

  • 米其林餐盤|Indulge Bistro 創新實驗餐酒館是台灣唯一同時榮獲世界與亞洲 50 大酒吧以及米其林評鑑的餐酒館,創辦人 Aki Wang 憑藉著他對台灣茶的深度理解,將這裡打造成一間「 以茶入酒 」而聞名的酒吧,並結合在地的台灣文化發展出一系列的茶雞尾酒。2020 年拿到亞洲 50 大酒吧的榜單傳奇酒吧殊榮後,正式推出五行茶瓶裝雞尾酒,將台灣所特有的人文故事及豐厚的文化底蘊,讓更多人能夠體會台灣不一樣的美好。

  • Indulge Bistro 創新實驗餐酒館菜單必點:爐烤脆皮豬腳佐蕈菇燉飯、濃蝦湯拉麵佐天使紅蝦、脆皮櫻桃鴨胸佐燻梅味噌鴨汁、澳洲穀飼和牛佐焦化蘿蔔泥

  • Indulge Bistro 創新實驗餐酒館評價:Google 4.5 星好評推薦

  • Indulge Bistro 創新實驗餐酒館推薦:以北歐風格貫穿的一樓空間,循著潛水艇窗和船用時鐘的裝飾,進入地下一樓,宛如來到滿載著深色烈酒的船艙中,木板的薰香、煦煦黃光和截然不同的音樂令氣氛為之轉變,氣氛優雅舒適,讓人不覺沉浸其中。

  • 米其林餐盤|Indulge Bistro 創新實驗餐酒館訂位、米其林餐盤|Indulge Bistro 創新實驗餐酒館優惠資訊立刻查看⬇︎


No.11, Ln. 219, Sec. 1, Fuxing S. Rd., Da'an Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Zhongxiao Fuxing Station / 5 min walk ( MRT ) Zhongxiao Dunhua Station / 11 min walk ( Bus ) Ren'ai & Fuxing Intersection Sta. / 2 min walk ( Bus ) Taipei City Hospital Ren'ai Branch Station / 2 min walk ( Bus ) Huaisheng Junior High School Station / 3 min walk

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  • This package contains TWD 1100 off for the final bill.
  • Alcohols are not included.
  • The restaurant charges a 10% service fee for the on-site consumption.


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