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当商品は、新感覚忍者体験ができるプランです。 1 名様から承りますので、必ず人数分を選択してください。
※表示は 1 名様料金です。

・琉球三大宝刀 × 忍者アトラクション 新感覚忍者体験「三大宝刀探し」

【集合場所】レキオスシアター in 美浜
【所要時間】約 15 分
【定員】1 組( 1 - 8 名 )
【引換方法】受付で 6 桁の確認番号を提示して下さい。


About Merchant

  • Similar to Samurai and Geisha, Ryukyu Ninja is one of Japan’s images to the outside world as well. The unique history and culture have always been a popular issue around the globe.

  • When it comes to “ninja” in Japan, the two main schools, Iga-ryu and Koka-ryu, are often the first keyword that pops up in people’s minds. However, when Okinawa was still in the govern of Ryukyu Kingdom, ninja-like spies and intelligence-collecting cliques were already in existence, including “Buddha chanters”.

  • Rumor has it that these “Buddha chanters” will collect intelligence about numerous islands and villages, and bring them forth to the Ryukyu king for rewards. Later in Japan history, people call these secretly active cliques “Okinawan ninjas”, in other words, “Ryukyu ninjas”.

  • The special ninja show combines “ninja” with “Ryukyu Ninjutsu”. In addition to using traditional weapons such as Tonfa, Nunchaku, Sai, Eku, and Bojutsu, to unfold Okinawan martial arts before your eyes, the ninjas will also perform “karate”, which is originated from Okinawa. So, stay tuned and look forward to the one and only ninja show!


Mihama 8 - 10, Okinawa, Nakagami-gun, Chatan

Public Transportation

Map Code : 33 525 298*88 10 minutes walk from American Village Ent. Bus Stop.

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  • 入場時,請於驗票閘門出示FunNow app的兌換碼 6 碼畫面,經確認後即可入場。


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