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Purifying car wash + Swiss hand waxing paint touch-up + leather lotion maintenance + disinfection coating + deep ozone steriliza


The plan content: Staff purification car wash + Swissvax classic hand waxing paint touch-up + leather lotion maintenance + BACOBAN disinfection coating + deep ozone sterilization.
Please make a reservation in the next step and choose a plan according to your car model.
・Contents of the product, including the following procedures.
・Wash the whole car with a "high-pressure water gun" to remove the coarse particles of dust and avoid scratches.
・The steel rims are cleaned in detail with "weak acidic iron powder solution".
・The lower part of the car is cleaned with "special tar" to dissolve the oil on the road.
・The whole car is soaked with "neutral fine foam" to suspend dirt and dust and reduce friction.
・The car body is cleaned by hand using the "top and bottom partition method" to reduce the risk of physical cleaning of the paint.
・We use "weak acidic iron powder solution" and cosmetic magnetic clay to remove iron powder and dust from the paintwork on the upper part of the car.
・Remove the footrest from the car and clean it with water or an air gun.
・High-pressure vacuuming of the interior of the car.
・Clean the interior of the car with a single-use microfiber cloth and water, and wash it immediately after use.
・The interior leather and plastic trim are moisturized and softened with "natural leather lotion".
・Use "BACOBAN Emirates Airline Boeing Airliner Disinfection Coating" to disinfect and protect the interior of the car.
・With "Cathay Hospital Medical Grade Ozone" to disinfect and disinfect the deep line of air conditioning circulation.
・Swiss classic wax "Swissvax agate wax" natural brown wax with staff manual coating, waxing the paint and leaving it to make the paint pores absorb the wax film, and polish the paint with a microfiber wipe.
Product content, to achieve the following effects.
・Cleaning the body of the car, removing tar and iron powder and making the paint surface feel smooth to the touch.
・The Swissvax natural caramel wax coating provides a warm shine, thick touch, and water repellent effect for six to eight weeks so that the car continues to shine and protects the paint.
・Cleaning and dusting experience in the cabin.
・Refreshing texture of the trim and softening softness of the leather.
・The BACOBAN disinfection film provides continuous disinfection protection for 10~14 days.
・Deep disinfection, deodorization, and sterilization of the interior of the car, so that the air inside the car can be clearly and continuously felt.

・Please refer to the next step to purchase the front glass coating / full glass coating service, this purchase does not distinguish between models.
・Please refer to the car type to purchase the package.

Price List

Small Car - Staff Clean Car Wash + Swissvax Hand Waxing + Leather Lotion Maintenance + BACOBAN Sanitizing Coating + Deep Ozone S

From TWD 2580

Medium Size Car - Staff Clean Car Wash + Swissvax Hand Waxing + Leather Lotion Maintenance + BACOBAN Sanitizing Coating + Deep

From TWD 2980

Large Car - Staff Clean Car Wash + Swissvax Hand Waxing + Leather Lotion Maintenance + BACOBAN Sanitizing Coating + Deep Ozone S

From TWD 3380

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  • Established in 2005, Jianliang Coating Car has 8 directly-managed stores in China and is the largest chain of auto detailing brands in the Twin North, with one flagship store in Malaysia.

  • With affordable price and friendly staff service attitude, we provide the best service to car owners, no matter whether r it is a car wash and waxing, paint repair, or top coating maintenance, Jianliang will provide you with the most complete quality!


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