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咖哩系列:4 種咖哩品項需選購中辛 / 激辛 。
( 厚咖哩牛腩丼 / 厚咖哩雞肉丼 / 厚咖哩綜合雞牛丼 / 厚咖哩蔬菜丼 )

匠魂鰻魚飯 / 匠魂巨鰻魚飯

・外送餐點訂單不適用 FunNow 一般訂單退費規則,無 10 分鐘猶豫期,亦不可更改時間或取消訂單。

About Merchant

  • 匠魂製作 咖哩丼·鰻魚飯 : 厚厚的濃郁咖哩遇上了柔軟嫩滑的滑蛋。香甜肥嫩的蒲燒鰻魚,品嚐鰻魚匠人的好手藝。準備讓你流連忘返唇齒留香。

  • 淚牛滿麵 牛肉麵 : 含淚必點半筋半肉刀削麵是斜槓青年的深夜淚推,以及囂張的熱淚盈眶秘制霸王牛小排,小孩才做選擇,我全都要。變化多端的高檔牛肉麵和豐富的配料,和著淡淡中藥與蔬菜香氣的湯頭,直逼淚腺。滿足你的味蕾,讓你不哭不行。

  • Thai High 泰嗨健康餐盒 : 想要健康也想要Get High! 東南亞風味的健康餐盒,一邊享受美味一邊也要想瘦!

  • Body Fit 健康盒 : 全台最火最夯健康餐盒就是Body Fit,加碼推出低碳低澱粉的白花椰菜紅藜麥取代熱量較高的米飯,絕對是健康新食代首選!看著澎魚宴流口水,想著頌重肌的胸、覬覦謝雞宴的腿!


八德路二段210巷10號1樓, 台北市中山區

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捷運忠孝復興站 ,步行 10 分鐘 捷運忠孝新生站 ,步行 13 分鐘 公車懷生國小站,步行 3 分鐘 公車中影八德大樓站,步行 4 分鐘 公車懷生國宅站,步行 6 分鐘

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Business Hours

The Fine Print

  • Areas not allowed for food delivery: Taipei 101, Xinyi District Office, Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1, ATT 4 FUN Xinyi Branch
  • The chosen time is the "expected time of the arrival." The delivery may be postponed or brought forward due to the traffic or the weather.
  • After ordering, both the restaurant and the driver will receive the order information in time. The restaurant will start cooking immediately, so the FunNow return policy is not applicable to the delivered food. There will not be a 10-minute hesitation time, and the customer cannot alter the time or cancel the order.
  • If the food is not delivered within 15 minutes after the delivery, please reach out to the customer service through the online chat room and give the information about the order.
  • If any food is missed, incorrect, or damaged, please reach out to the customer service through the online chat room within 10 minutes after the delivery and provide pictures and information about your order. After the problem is confirmed, FunNow will compensate a part or all of your loss.
  • If you choose to meet the driver outside, the driver will wait at the designated location for no more than 10 minutes. If the driver cannot contact you through the phone number, the delivered food will be left at the designated location, and the order will be seen as delivered.


Cancellation Policy