Morni 莫尼早午餐 忠明店

Single Meal | takeout only


・Inclusive of: Single Meal | takeout only

Main Course (Choose 1 from the following): Morni Sandwich with Sliced Meat and Cheese / Handmade Sandwich with Tuna and Cheese
Dessert (Choose 1 from the following ): Large Hash Browns / Hot Dog
Drinks (Choose 1 from the following): Black Tea / Milk Tea

・As this is a takeout package, please pick up your meal on time.
・Please choose the delivery time and press "the following step" to submit your order.

About Merchant

  • 早晨是一天最美好的開始,Morni期望帶給您,像朋友一樣的感覺,如家人一樣的關係。

  • Morni就像您第二個家,能輕鬆自在的享受,無壓力 無拘束,是生活中每天都想來的地方。



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