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Char Siu Bento
Pork shoulder butt is marinated with honey and oyster sauce for 12 hours, seared to perfection with honey. The pork is tender with a chewy texture, going well with rice. The rice is cooked with Japanese seaweed broth, stir-fried with egg white to display an authentic HongKong style course. Tea soft boiled egg and three kinds of side dishes are served with the main course.

Fried Chicken Bento
Boneless chicken leg dipped with special made batter, deep fried until the skin becomes crispy. The crispy curst will stimulate your appetite. The chicken tastes juicy and tender with sweet and sour African chili sauce. Egg white stir-fried rice, tea soft boiled egg, and three kinds of side dishes are served.

Three Treasure Beef Lo Mein
Tendon, shank, tripe are slowly stewed with Char Siu sauce for 2 to 4 hours. Tender beef shank, chewy tendon, and savory tripe are mixed with handmade chili sauce. Dry lo mein is added with carrot, bok choy, bean sprouts, and Char Siu sauce.

Berkshire Pork Bun Cha
Berkshire Pork is tender and soft, and the fat is evenly distributed. Dipped in lemongrass marinade and seared to slightly crispy, the pork is served with fresh cold rice noodle and sour fish sauce, sided with local vegetables and herbs.

Lobster Miso Lo Mein(Limited Quantity)
The guest can enjoy a whole fresh lobster! The lobster is poached with white miso, bonito flake, Japanese seaweed, and herbs for 1 hour. The broth tastes savory and delicate.
Mixed with lo mein, sour Japanese yuzu vinegar sauce, added with carrot, mushroom, bok choy, make the cuisine fresh and appetizing. Chewy and thick lobster is sided.

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About Merchant

  • About Longtail (Michelin 1 star):

  • Getting a Michelin 1 star, "Longtail" is a creative borderless bistro of your dreams! It offers unlimited creative cuisine and makes you feel surprised and say: "Wow, how can there be some many varieties?"

  • Star Chef:

  • The chef was born in Hong Kong. When he was studying in Taiwan, he was awakened by the soul of cooking. After that, he traveled through Europe and the United States and returned to Asia. In 2018, his two restaurants were awarded Michelin 1 star and Michelin dinner plate, which shows his explosiveness and creativity.

  • Signature dishes:

  • This bistro only uses the name of the ingredients as the name of the dish. You can imagine the look of the dish while ordering it! With the skills of the chef, the same ingredients are woven into classic and delicious dishes. There are à la carte and set menus. If you don’t know which dish to order, let the chef pick for you!


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