Wildwood Live Fire Cuisine



・本方案內容: 米其林在家安心吃二人套餐|限外帶 。

在家安心吃二人套餐包含「原木燒烤澳洲頂級牛排沙拉、白花椰、藜麥、柚子芥末醬」、「酥脆中卷、柚子蛋黃醬、芝麻」、「台灣九層塔青醬貝殼麵、西班牙火腿、四季豆」、「炙烤玉米、帕馬森起司」、人氣姐妹品牌TART TAIPEI三入酥塔(焦糖布蕾、班蘭咖椰、珍珠港式奶茶塔)、附贈佐餐紅酒或白酒一瓶(亦可選擇一瓶氣泡水)


About Merchant

  • About Wildwood Live Fire Cuisine:

  • This is a top log barbecue restaurant created by the Michelin chef. It won the 2019 Michelin dinner plate recommendation soon after opening. No more words are needed for its delicacy!

  • Star Chef:

  • The chef was born in Hong Kong and suddenly ignited the soul of cooking when he was studying at a university in Taiwan. After that, he has been in Europe, the United States and then returned to Asia. In 2018, his two restaurants were awarded Michelin 1 star and Michelin plate, which shows its explosiveness and creativity.

  • Signature dishes:

  • You must try the wood barbecue series -- especially the steak! After the high-quality beef is roasted until the aroma is full, it radiates an attractive luster on the preheated porcelain plate. There is no extra seasoning, only the original taste of the beef, juicy and sweet fragrance!


Xinyi Dist., Taipei City4th Floor, 9 Songshou Rd.

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MRT MRT Xiangshan Station Exit 1, 11 minutes on foot MRT City Hall Station Exit 3, 7 minutes walk MRT Taipei 101

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