Michelin 1-star|Three Coins



・本方案內容:米其林秘製脆皮鵝|限外帶 。
・商品內容:秘製脆皮鵝 ( 已包含餅皮20張 )
・副餐料理可選炒骨 / 煮湯。

絕佳烤鵝從選料開始,每隻嘉義大林白鵝,進貨時猶如選美比賽,體型必須 一致,不能撞傷、瘀血,連絲毫裂痕都得退貨。醃料也是決定風味的要角,甘草、 八角、肉桂、山柰等精心配製的香料,均勻塗抹鵝的腹腔,再用鋼針縫 合開口,將肉汁和調味緊緊鎖住。填完香料的鵝透過燙皮、泡冷水,熱漲冷縮之 下令鵝皮更緊實,進入風乾過程之前,須淋過麥芽醋水,使得鵝皮色澤均勻、口 感酥脆。脆皮鵝最重火候,考驗師傅的專注力和耐心,過程絕無時間準則,只能 憑經驗隨時調整。而片鵝從剖肚、去肥油、片肉,可說是方寸之間、自成天地, 既要與溫度賽跑,又不能忽略美觀與口感。


About Merchant

  • About 3 Coins: Old restaurants are always delicious, after all, history has inherited craftsmanship in addition to accumulated time. It is for this reason that 3 Coins gained the Michelin 1 star. No more words are needed to show its delicacy!

  • Signature dishes: You need to book beforehand for the roast duck, but you would not regret that you spend the time to do so! Roasted as golden yellow, the duck skin is crispy and full of oil. When the master cut it off, you can also hear the sound of the duck oil! The duck is wrapped with lotus leaves, making the sauce and duck oil burst out at the same time! The light wheat aroma enhances the layering of the dish!

  • Store atmosphere: The elegant decoration is in Chinese style, with many antiques, calligraphy and paintings on display.

  • Special honor: It won Michelin 1 star in Taipei for three consecutive years in 2018 、2019 and 2020.


Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei CityNo.46, Hengyang Rd.

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Ximen Station / 5 min walk ( MRT ) NTU Hospital Station / 5 min walk ( Bus ) 228 Peace Memorial Park Station / 2 min walk ( Bus ) Hengyang Rd. Entrance Station / 2 min walk

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The Fine Print

  • 因應疫情期間,如需內用或是外帶依餐廳現場公告為主,造成不便敬請見諒。


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