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Special Discount for 6-person Combo | Limited Offer During Covid-19


・Inclusive of: Special Discount for 6-person Combo | Limited Offer During Covid-19

【Combo A-Budget Meals】
- Roasted Fish with Salt
- Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetable in Soy Sauce
- Stewed Diced Chicken with Taro Sauce
- Steamed Mixed Vegetables
- Stir-fried Preserved Mustard Green with Bean Curd Skin
- Fried Minced Shrimp with Mixed Vegetable with Romaine(*6)
- Deep-Fried Spring Roll with Taro and Duck
- Pork Soup with Preserved Chinese Cabbage
- Rice (6 bowls)

【Combo B-Energetic Meals】
- Steamed Seasonal Fish
- Braised Tofu with Pumpkin and Crab Sauce
- Deep-Fried Pork Trotters with Spicy Salt
- Stir-fried duck with Green Onion and High-Grade Shaoxing Wine (served with Chinese Steamed Bun*6)
- Fried Asparagus and Lily
- Stir-fried Egg with Seaweed
- Deep-Fried Shrimp Roll
- Chicken Soup with Wasabi
- Rice (6 bowls)

【Combo C-Luxury Meals】
- Steamed Seasonal Fish
- Salted Pork with Zucchini
- Stir-fried duck with Pineapple (served with Chinese Steamed Bun*6)
- Braised Pork Tendon and Sea Cucumber
- Stir-fried Cuttlefish & Shrimp Ball
- Grilled Vegetables with Truffle
- Cuttlefish Ball & Sausage Platter
- Garlic Chicken with Clams
- Rice (6 bowls)

・As this is a takeout package, please pick up your meal on time.
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About Merchant

  • 主打健康少油少鹽的臺菜料理

  • 膳馨民間創作料理於 2020 榮獲米其林餐盤推薦,是台中在地非常知名、生意好到不行的臺菜餐廳代表之一。相較於傳統臺菜餐廳,用餐環境格外雅致,一邊享受美食、一邊觀賞庭園造景,實在是相得益彰。

  • 口碑好評:擁有 4.7 顆星的超高分 Google 好評,餐點精緻美味、服務親切周到,適合長輩、家庭聚餐。香酥鴨先蒸再炸、需要先預約才吃的到,實在太好吃,非常值得一試!

  • 必點好料:提供多樣自創菜色,包括配刈包享用的花雕遇見櫻桃鴨。而阿嬤ㄟ芋糕是特定日子限定商品,長條狀芋糕搭配甜鹹醬汁,深受顧客喜愛。

  • 餐廳故事:膳馨致力於台灣料理的傳承,有別於以往餐廳的經營模式,將膳馨打造成每位客人家中飯廳的印象。標榜健康理念的創意臺菜餐廳,不僅減少油鹽烹調,更採用產銷履歷與可溯源的食材,如梨山高麗菜、臺南虱目魚肚等。


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