BaFangYue Massage

Foot Oil Massage 70 min | Can upgrade to 90 min


・本方案內容:精油海鹽足浴 10 分鐘 + 精油腳底按摩 60 分鐘 + 養肝茶 + 點心,手技時間 60 分鐘,服務時間 70 分鐘。
・可選擇精油腳底按摩 ( 手技時間 ) 60 或 90 分鐘,請於下一步選擇。

Price List

Essential oil massage 60 min

From TWD 1250

Essential oil foot massage 90 min

From TWD 1700

About Merchant

  • Professional masseurs:

  • It is a super famous massage store in Sanchong District as the masseurs' skills are worth mentioning! Each masseur has a very rich experience that can meet the needs of every guest. With the clever hands, the massuers take away all the soreness and accumulated fatigue of the body!

  • Recommended experience:

  • It mainly focuses on Chinese massage, including foot massgae, shoulders and necks massage, whole body acupressure and body shaping oils. It is worth mentioning the "Magic Relaxing Cream", which makes the muscles more relaxed and warm from inside to outside - even the heart feels warm!

  • Interior decoration:

  • The simple and elegant style brings a professional atmosphere. Together with the calm wood texture, people can feel very relaxed here!




No. 32, Longmen Road, Sanchong District

Public Transportation

捷運三重國小站,步行 4 分鐘 公車德林寺 (龍門路 )站,步行 1 分鐘 公車德林寺 (三和路) 站,步行 2 分鐘

Business Hours


  • Please notice that the service staff will be assigned randomly.
  • Food or drinks will not be provided during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy