Shine Stone SPA (Banqiao branch)

岩盤浴 90 min|不限次數


・本方案內容:健康諮詢 + 體驗前體脂量測 25 分鐘 + 芬多精沐浴 10 分鐘 + 負離子岩盤浴 45 分鐘 + 纖樂淨酵排毒 + 檢測解析 10 分鐘,服務時間約 90 分鐘。


  • 加贈 頭部撥筋 10 分鐘

About Merchant

  • Recommended experience:

  • Introducing the Japanese rock bath, which has been popular for a long time, the store allows people who want to experience Japanese rock bath to have the same enjoyment within a limited budget and time!

  • Splendid decoration:

  • In order to allow guests to bathe in nature, the interior decoration is made of a large number of cypress wood. Stepping into it is like entering a paradise, while the body and mind are instantly relaxed.

  • Excellent location:

  • It is located in the building opposite the Exit 1 of MRT Fuzhong Station. The busy people can save time and effort to reach here!


Private space


Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City4F., No.3, Sec.1, Zhongshan Rd.

Public Transportation

捷運府中站,步行 3 分鐘 公車後站商圈站,步行 1 分鐘 公車館前西路站,步行 2 分鐘

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The Fine Print

  • 本店限服務女性,懷孕或生理期間不建議操作。
  • 疫情期間不提供飲食。


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