Bea's Bistro

Exquisite Brunch|American Style


・Inclusive of: Exquisite Brunch.

Main Course (choose 1 out of 4): Crispy Chicken Eggs Benedict / Eggs Benedict / Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict / Mushroom Spinach Eggs Benedict
Drink (choose 1 out of 3): Americano Coffee / Black Tea / Green Juice

About Merchant

  • About Bea's Bistro: Bea’s Bistro is hidden in Chaozhou Street, one of the few true American-style restaurants that you can find in town. Bea's Bistro offers a variety of choices, including American and Italian meals, hoping to create a warm space for their guests.

  • Signature Cuisine: Mexican Chicken Wrapanini.

  • Spotless Atmosphere: The well-decorated restaurant is spacious and clean with soft lighting, giving people a sense of comfortable atmosphere and making people feel at ease.




No.133, Chaozhou St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Dongmen Station / 9 min walk ( MRT ) Guting Station / 9 min walk ( Bus ) Jinhua Building Station / 3 min walk ( Bus ) Center for Public & Business Administration Education Station / 4 min walk

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  • 因應疫情期間,如需內用或是外帶依餐廳現場公告為主,造成不便敬請見諒。
  • 現場需收一成服務費
  • 此方案不接受現場加購,為避免影響您的用餐體驗,請提前預訂,並於預訂時間使用。


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