Heartful Massage I

Foot Massage 40 min


・Inclusive of: Essential Oil Foot Spa Bath (10 min) + Foot Massage (30 min).
・The service time is 30 minutes in total.
・Foot massage can smoothen blood circulation by stimulating the affected areas, eliminate waste or toxins accumulated in the body, and restore bodily functions.
・The space is fully cleaned, and the products used by guests are disinfected or replaced after usage. Please enjoy and relax.


  • Extra 10 min

About Merchant

  • Professional masseurs:

  • There are many masseurs with more than 10,000 hours of experience. Their professional and old-fashioned techniques can drive away all your discomfort, stiffness and pain. You will feel so alive afterwards!

  • Recommended experience:

  • Needless to say, foot massage, body massage, shiatsu massage, and body oil massage are all highly recommended! All the services can also be customnized to in response to the guests' physical condition. The fact that many athletes, players, dance teachers, and entertainers are regular customers shows how effective it must be!

  • Interior decoration:

  • The Chinese decoration is elegant and generous. The environment is spacious and clean -- you will not feel uncomfortable at all.


Private space


Xinyi Dist., Taipei CityNo.149, Sec.1, Keelung Rd.

Public Transportation

捷運 市政府站,步行 3 分鐘 公車 市政府站,步行 4 分鐘

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The Fine Print

  • The merchant does not provide service for those who are pregnant.
  • Food or drinks will not be provided during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cancellation Policy