Gaishokuya-kujira Kitanakagusuku

鯨魚肉套餐|8 品料理


本商品為每人 8 品之套餐,店家僅接受 2 人以上且符合來店人數之預約,請特別注意。
・海產( 2 選 1 )

About Merchant

  • About the restaurant:

  • To maintain our high quality and appealing taste, the ingredients used in Gaishokuya KUJIRA, from spices, pasta sauce, pizza crusts, salad dressings, to desserts, are all handmade. Don’t worry if you have children with you! High chairs and blankets for children are all prepared. Just immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere and our intimate service.

  • Quality Ingredients:

  • “Local” and “fresh” is a must; therefore, rice and vegetables we serve are mainly grown in Kyushu, Okinawa, or Hokkiado, while our top-grade mushrooms are from Yanbaru Island or Nakijin. As for salad, we choose to cooperate with “Green Leaf”, an organic product specialty store, providing our guests with a healthy diet and delectable taste all at once.

  • Perfect Location:

  • Come visit Gaishokuya KUJIRA and overlook the striking view of the east coast on the hill!


Okinawa,Nakagami DistrictKitanakagusuku 443-1 Chunjun

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GPS Map Code:33 501 038 * 41 3 minutes drive from AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom.

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The Fine Print

  • 本商品預訂後不可取消,敬請見諒。
  • 餐點內容可能會依季節、採購情況稍微調整,請您見諒。
  • 因店家僅接受 2 人以上且符合來店人數之預約,請於下一頁選購 2 份以上且符合同行者人數之相同套餐數量。


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