Yakinikusyuka Lee En

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Meal time: 2 hours
Number of dishes: 13 courses
Bottomless drink: No
Exclusive gift for FunNow members:No
Minimum pax for reservations: 2 or more
※ Please select the actual number of people coming to the restaurant on the next page and reserve the number of packages that match the number of people.

Package Description:
*All prices shown are per person.
 - Homemade kimchi
 - Spicy Korean side dishes
 - Special Li Yuan salad
 - Korean flavored seaweed
 - Braised beef tendon
 - Korean auntie's handmade seafood pancake
 - Tender wagyu beef tongue
 - Salted pork neck meat
 - Li Yuan's proud signature wagyu beef belly
 - Selected tender beef sirloin
 - Fresh mixed internal organs platter
 - Egg drop soup or rice soup
・Dessert of the day

About Merchant

  • 【餐廳簡介】燒肉老店完全復活!「李苑」創業於 1986 年,因都市開發被迫於 17 年前歇業。接收到許多老顧客的不捨之情後,店長決定另闢地點重新開業,將老舖的美味傳承下去~

  • 【優質原料】

  • A5 等級宮崎牛:燒肉的主角「 宮崎牛 」,曾於和牛奧運會上二度榮獲內閣總理大臣賞!入口即化的霜降油花、緊緻滑順的口感、特有的和牛香氣,征服無數饕客的味蕾。

  • 十勝產短角牛:使用 99% 國產穀物飼育的短角牛,牛肉脂肪含量少、瘦肉多,富含氨基酸等豐富營養素,最受女性食客喜愛!

  • 【店內氛圍】天花板挑高的造型設計,打造出無壓用餐空間;喜歡用餐不受打擾的食客還可以選坐包廂區,慢慢品嚐美食。


Shinjuku 5 - 18 - 16 shinjuku-fiveⅠ B1F, Tokyo, Shinjuku City,

Public Transportation

1 minute walk from E1 Exit of Shinjuku-sanchome Station of the Tokyo Metro Lines. 5 minutes walk from A1 Exit of Higashi Shinjuku Station of the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line. 6 minutes walk from East Exit of JR Shinjuku Station.

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  • All guests at the same table must choose the same set menu option. Please be careful when selecting the number of people and do not choose other set menus.
  • This menu cannot be shared among guests at the same table, so please ensure that the number of orders matches the number of guests.
  • The dining time for this menu is 2 hours.
  • If you are allergic to certain ingredients, please indicate it in the remarks column when making a reservation, and the restaurant will do their best to adjust the ingredients for you.
  • The contents of the menu may be slightly adjusted depending on the season and purchasing situation. Thank you for your understanding.


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy