Phoenix Pavilion Hot Spring Hotel

經典日式湯房 12h


・經典室內雙人湯房房型;12 小時。
・旅店門口僅 5 - 6 格停車位,數量有限不提供預約保留。
・1 張雙人床。
・6 歲(含)以下兒童,限 1 人入內免費(不含備品),超過每房每位加收 NT$ 200/人(含備品),7-12 歲兒童入內收費 NT$ 300/人(含備品),13 歲(含)以上收費 NT$ 500/人(含備品)。
・加時費用:NT$ 800 / 時(需視現場狀況提供加時服務)。
・提供新北投捷運站至本旅店接駁服務,請於預訂時間前 15 分鐘到站,到站後再與我們聯繫 ( 服務電話:02-28912827,接駁服務時間:09:00 - 22:00 )。若有需要此服務,請您提供電話,方便店家聯繫。

About Merchant

  • The Phoenix Pavilion Hot Spring Hotel is a classical traditional style Taiwanese hot spring hotel dating back from the days of Japan’s colonization of Taiwan, when the area was a favorite spot for government officials, military personnel and visiting dignitaries. This hotel features both newer and older sections, with the former being located in a traditional wooden house overlooking the area, and the latter being a newer style building connected below. The Phoenix Pavilion Hot Spring Hotel has quite a serene feeling, being located across the street from a Buddhist monastery and next to a 19th century church.


Exquisite Toiletries
Walk-In Shower


溫泉路106之1號, Beitou Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Xinbeitou Station / 12 min walk ( Bus ) Puji Temple Station / 1 min walk ( Bus ) Thermal Valley Station / 2 min walk ( Bus ) Atami Hotel Station / 2 min walk

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Business Hours


  • According to tourism regulations, ID cards should be provided for registration upon check-in, and other programs should be carried out in accordance with the on-site rules.
  • The number of occupants is 2 pax. Please refer to the announcements on-site for additional pax or extension of time.
  • This package is not suitable for those having heart diseases, hypertension, or skin diseases.
  • Minimum number of guests: 2 pax.


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy