Yin Hot Pot ( Taichung Fuke )

Standard Duo Combo


FunNow x Walkerland 2022 Hot Pot Festival
The selection of meat and limited "Hot Pot Festival Gift Pack" will be given if you order the 2022 Hot Pot Festival special package during Mar 1-Mar 31.

*Each order can receive a gift pack while supplies last.
* Please refer to on-site conditions for the gift pack and merchants' special offer.

[ Hot Pot Festival Information]
1. Red&White Pot battle once in three days and there is a limited hot pot discount on the banner every time you open FunNow.
2. Post a hot pot story on Instagram and @funnow.tw, then a 10% off hot pot discount will be given. (private account excluded)
3. 188NTD promo code will be given if you order hot pot three times during Mar 1- Mar 31

・Inclusive of: Standard Duo Combo

【Broth (choose 2 out of 6): 】
- Lemon Pot
- Clam & Garlic Pot
- Sesame Oil & Wine Cooked Pot
- Spicy Pot

【Meat Platter (Choose 2 out of 4)】

【Seafood Platter*1】

【Vegetable Platter*2】

【Staple Food (choose 2 out of 3): 】
- Rice
- Cellophane Noodles
- Prince Noodles

【Fruit Vinegar Smoothie*2】



  • Free Duck Blood / Tofu (choose 1 out of 2)

About Merchant

  • 隱鍋台中福科店是網路上高評價連鎖火鍋店。創立至今以獨特且多樣的湯頭而出名,隱鍋的火鍋令人讚不絕口。

  • 隱鍋菜單必吃:蒜香蛤蜊鍋、胡椒豬肚雞鍋、麻油炸蛋

  • 隱鍋物評價:Google 4.9 顆星超高評價

  • 隱鍋推薦:位置近公車中港澄清醫院站,步行約 4 分鐘即可抵達,適合聚餐的人氣火鍋。

  • 隱鍋台中福科店訂位、隱鍋台中福科店優惠資訊立刻查看⬇︎


No.89, Fukang Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City

Public Transportation

( Bus ) Fuke & Fuya Intersection Sta. / 2 min walk ( Bus ) Fuke & Fulin Intersection Sta. / 5 min walk ( Bus ) Chengching Hospital Station / 11 min walk

Nearby Attractions

Business Hours

The Fine Print

  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please refer to on-site announcements for dine in or takeout options. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience.
  • Additional purchase is not available on-site. Please complete all the booking process in advance and arrive on time.
  • The merchant charges a 10% service fee for the on-site consumption.
  • This package offsets the minimum consumption of 2 pax. The minimum consumption from the third pax is based on the announcements on-site.


Cancellation Policy