TWD 500 Off|Free Fish Egg Ball


・Inclusive of: TWD 500 Off for the Final Bill | Extra Fish Ball(a serving for guests fewer than 6 people; 2 servings for guests over 7 people)
・Minimum consumption: TWD 350 (1-3 pax, small size) / TWD 460 (4-6 pax, medium size) / TWD 570 (7-9 pax, large size)
Please purchase the broth according to the number of guests. Additional purchase for side dishes is needed. (a side dish for small size pot; two side dishes for medium size pot; 3 side dishes for large size pot) Each person has to spend at least TWD 700 for on-site consumption.

・Recommended Dishes
- Duck Blood for Broth
- Non-Genetically Modified Tofu
- U.S Angus Short Rib
- Honey Comb Tripe
- Beef Tendon
- Intestine
- Scallop Ball
- Taro Pork Ball
- Corn
- Mushroom Egg Dumpling

・Please select the accurate number of guests after choosing the dining time.

About Merchant

  • CHAN CHI HOT POTS LAB. ( Dunnan ) is a famous Taipei spicy hot pot restaurant. The founder insists on testing the soup and ingredients every week, keeping toCHAN CHI HOT POTS LAB. ( Dunnan )'s demand for quality and insistence on taste. The warm and thick spicy soup base combined with the jelly-like silky duck blood and tofu is a perfect match!

  • CHAN CHI HOT POTS LAB. ( Dunnan )'s spicy hot pot menu must-try: Mandarin duck hot pot, duck blood and tofu, American flank beef, popping cheese bun, doughnut, beef, corn

  • CHAN CHI HOT POTS LAB. ( Dunnan ) Rating: Google high star rating, a must-try restaurant for spicy lovers.

  • CHAN CHI HOT POTS LAB. ( Dunnan ) must recommend: in addition to spicy hot pot, there are also general soup base hot pot, the taste is not at all lose spicy hot pot general rich. Duck blood is the best, absorbing the full soup and just the right taste, so people can not help but continue to plate after plate. The décor is simple and pure, and the familiar white tile walls remind you of the bathroom at home, so you can't help but smile.

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No.60, Sec. 3, Heping E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City

Public Transportation

( MRT ) Liuzhangli Station / 6 min walk ( MRT ) Technology Building Station / 9 min walk ( MRT ) Xinyi Anhe Station / 16 min walk ( Bus ) Dunhua & Heping Intersection Station / 1 min walk ( Bus ) Wolong St. Station / 2 min walk ( Bus ) MRT Liuzhangli Sta. ( Keelung Rd. ) / 5 min walk

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Business Hours

The Fine Print

  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please refer to on-site announcements for dine in or takeout options. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience.
  • This package includes TWD 500 off for the final bill.
  • The last ordering time is 00:20.
  • Each guest is able to apply more than one coupon at a time.
  • The merchant charges a 10% service fee for the on-site consumption.
  • The corkage fee is TWD 500 per bottle of wine / beer.
  • No pets are allowed (exclusive of guide dogs).
  • No outside food or drinks (exclusive of birthday cakes).
  • The restaurant holds reserved tables for only 10 minutes. Please be sure to arrive on time.
  • The restaurant is out of service from 14:30 PM - 17:30 PM on the first and last Wednesday of every month.


Cancellation Policy