Akaoni Steak ( Fengjia )

Rotisserie Chicken Combo|1 Pax


・Inclusive of: Rotisserie Chicken Combo for 1 pax.

- Rotisserie Chicken Cutlet*1
- French Fries (small)*1
- Cola*1
- Bun and Special Sauce*1
- Hot Plate Noodles*1
- Egg (choose 1 out of 2): Japanese Style Cold Over-Easy Egg / Steamed Egg
- Sauce (choose 1 out of 3): Black Pepper Sauce / Shacha Onion Sauce / Mix (Black Pepper and Shacha Onion)
- Soup (free refill): Corn Soup / Borscht
- Drink (free refill): Iced Black Tea / Cold Brew Tea / Hot Tea
- Side Dish (free refill): Fermented Vegetable / Fermented Onion / Spicy Chives

About Merchant

  • About Red Ghost Steak (Feng Chia):

  • After growing up, affordable steaks become a pursuit for good food for many of us. Red Ghost Steak is a restaurant that takes making affordable steaks very seriously, supporting people's pursuit!

  • Signature dishes:

  • The restaurant only serves 5 kinds of dishes --- beef chops, sirloin, filet, pork chops, chicken chops, as it is determined to make all dishes as good as possible! The set meal is accompanied by plenty side dishes, ensuring that you eat well and feel full, and thus create another good memory about steak!

  • Interior design:

  • The exterior is very eye-catching, with black as the main color, and a huge ghost mask hanging high! The interior decoration is simple and generous, with wooden compartment and elegant dining tables, you can enjoy delicious meals and soups here!




Xitun Dist., Taichung CityNo.11, Wenhua Rd.

Public Transportation

公車秋紅谷(朝陽橋)站,步行 14 分鐘 公車逢甲大學(逢甲路)站,步行 6 分鐘 公車阿羅哈客運朝馬站,步行 14 分鐘

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Business Hours

The Fine Print

  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please refer to on-site announcements for dine in or takeout options. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience.
  • The last ordering time is 21:00.
  • The merchant charges a 10% service fee for the on-site consumption.


Cancellation Policy